Jeri Southern, 64, a jazz vocalist whose casual singing...

Deaths elsewhere

August 08, 1991

Jeri Southern, 64, a jazz vocalist whose casual singing style made a hit of "You Better Go Now" in 1951, died of pneumonia Sunday in Los Angeles. Other hits by Miss Southern included "When I Fall in Love," "Dancing on the Ceiling" and "I Saw You Again." She sang "Fire Down Below" in the Rita Hayworth film of that name in 1957.

Judson Jerome, 64, a writer and teacher who published more than a dozen books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, died Monday of cancer in Yellow Springs, Ohio. For 20 years he taught writing at Antioch College there. His most recent book, "Jonah & Job," came out in March.

Don G. Campbell, 69, a syndicated consumer columnist, died Saturday in Phoenix after a brief illness. His weekly "About Real Estate" column was carried by King Features Syndicate in about newspapers. Mr. Campbell also wrote "The Daily Investor" column distributed by the United Features Syndicate from 1972 to 1979.

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