Short hair is still chic, but now it's longer, curlier


August 08, 1991|By Pat Morgan | Pat Morgan,Knight-Ridder News Service

Remember the short-hair craze started a couple of years ago by supermodel Linda Evangelista, the runway Queen of Coifs?

Well, short is still chic, but now it's a longer short.

The dilemma, as anyone who has ever worn bangs can attest, is how not to look goofy while the locks grow out.

Take another tip from Linda. Or at least from the hair stylists who did her hair during the most recent runway shows.

Roller sets.

High glamour is making a comeback in a big way. And big, unbrushed curls, a la Marilyn Monroe, fit right in.

"We've been doing tons of roller sets," says Kennice Hoffmann, co-owner of Salon Kennice Bashar in Farmington Hills, Mich. "People love that soft, glamorous look again. You can do it with a curling iron, too, but a roller set will last several days."

Ms. Hoffmann gives these tips for creating the do at home:

Separate wet hair into large sections. Rub on some styling gel. Roll each section on "a big, old-fashioned plastic roller," and sit under a hood-type hair dryer for about 40 minutes. Unroll the rollers, pull each curl out and dab on a bit of gel. Then let it spring back.

To get a similar look with a curling iron (good for very short hair that isn't long enough to wrap around a roller): Curl sections of hair into barrel curls and clip the curls in place while the hair is still hot. Spritz the clipped curls with hair sray. When hair cools, rub a bit of high-shine gel on each curl and let it spring back.

To soften the look a bit, run your fingers lightly through the curls, keeping in mind that the shape of the roller should remain visible.

An aside for true hair trendoids: Observers note that Ms. Evangelista, a natural brunette who went bottle blond a year ago, has now dyed her hair red.

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