Seasonal Changes Mean New Gear And Old Rules Of Etiquette


Carve Themin Stone: The 9 Commandments

August 07, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

The baseball season is more than half over, and the first football game's been played.

That means it's time to start thinking of the fall/winter bowling season. Time to look for a new bowling ball, new bowling shoes, and time to start thinking about a little practice before the leagues get under way.

A few reminders for the coming season:

Brunswick Columbia Lanes' general manager Debbie Damrom will be there to greet you. Leagues begin after Labor Day weekend and openings are available. Bernie Kingis the man to see about the Senior leagues.

At Brunswick NormandyLanes, general manager Carol Malinowski has a new assistant, Jeff Sanders, who joined the organization in June as assistant manager.

Terry McDonald will continue to act as sales director for the center, and Ken Stewart will handle the Saturday morning youths.

Leagues will start after Labor Day weekend; meetings will precede the leagues.


OK, listen up. Over the years, a code of etiquette has developed for the bowler. Few of the rules are written down, but I think they should be carved in stone. The rules that follow are accepted by just about everyone who has even a nodding acquaintance with the game.

* Be ready to bowl when the pins are set.

* Turn the score-keeping over to someone else before it's your turn to bowl.

* Don't spend a lot of time getting set to throw the ball once you're on the approach.

* After delivering the ball, return to the back of the approach. Stay on your approach at all times.

* If two bowlers reach the approach at the same time, the bowler on the right should bowl first.

* Give the bowler getting ready to throw the ball the courtesy of not interfering with excessive noise.

* Don't be in such a hurry to throw the ball that you don't give the sweepbar time to raise; otherwise, you could damage the equipment. And, of course, delay the game until repairs are made.

* Don't loft. I'll say it again: Don't loft.

* Be a gracious loser. You don't have to practice losing, but for Pete's sake, don't pout. Play to win but accept the fact that you're not going to win all the games all the time.


The secretary of the leagues have a lot of hard work ahead. Most of the old hands know the drill but there must be some new secretaries who area little overwhelmed with the functions they now find themselves accountable for maintaining. Here's a check list that might help:

* Collect individual membership applications and dues.

* Complete league sanction applications.

* Forward membership cards and sanctionapplications to the local association secretary within 30 days afterthe league begins.

* Open a banking account in the name of the league.

* Keep scores and averages of all team members and substitutes.

* Post league schedule and weekly standings in the bowling center.

* Report all scores eligible for ABC/WIBC, state and local awards.

* Furnish final averages to local association secretary.

* Keep league financial records for at least 120 days following season completion.

If your league secretary is not doing the above, find out why. The league belongs to the bowlers.

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