Video Cameras Roll On For North County Portrait

August 07, 1991

North County business and community leaders want to immortalize the attractions of their hometown on the big screen.

With the use of avideo camera, the North County Chamber of Commerce hopes to create aportrait of the northern end of the county, stretching from Glen Burnie to Brooklyn Park.

It's an area of quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods, old churches andmodern government offices; home to old-fashioned bakeries, fruit markets, shopping centers, restaurants and an international airport.

North County is all this and more, says chamber president Lisa Pitt.

"We've been getting a lot of requests from companies for materialson the area," Pitt said. "When a company moves to the area, they usually want to know what it's like here. A video fit right in."

The 10-minute video will provide information on the school system, publicsafety programs, parks and recreational activities, civic associations and the hiker-biker trail.

"We hope to get the flavor of North County as a whole," Pitt said.

Only one item is missing: The chamber needs sophisticated equipment to give the video a polished look. Members of the planning committee are looking for a professional videocamera, Pitt said.

A meeting to plan the video is scheduled for 9a.m. Aug. 14, at the Arundel Center North.

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