Use Tree Money Wisely

Readers write

August 07, 1991

From: Jeanette D. Wessel

Vice president

Anne Arundel Trade Council

The Anne Arundel Trade Council is deeply concerned about the loss of forested areas in our country and believes the fees paid for "Tree Replacement" should be utilized to enhance the environment, even if the area involved is not in critical areas. There is too much that can be accomplished with the money to allow the more than $800,000 collected to go unused.

The recent approval by the County Council of Bill 63-91, if accepted by the CriticalAreas Commission, will make it possible to use all of the "Tree Replacement" fees in the critical areas to purchase forested lands in those areas. The qualifying language adds if that land could be developed.

The county claims it cannot find land that meets that qualification -- land that, with the $800,000 figure and a little computation,amounts to 26 acres. Based on a retail price of $150 for an 8-foot oak tree planted by professionals, 5,333 trees could be planted. Carrying the process one step farther, more than 26 acres of trees, 8 feethigh, would be the result.

The County Council voted 6-0 in support of Bill 63-91, yet it has stopped short of identifying for purchasethe forested land in critical areas that can be developed. The underlying fact here should be clear to all: Stopping waterfront development at any cost is the aim of some who hide under the guise of "environmentalist," not saving or planting trees.

The Anne Arundel Trade Council proposed two amendments to the bill which would utilize the "Tree Replacement" funds in a way that would positively impact the quality of life in our county. One amendment would have allowed the funds to be used on parks such as Jug Bay and Downs Memorial. The other would have used the funds to assist in the gypsy moth battle.

Why was so little consideration given to either amendment, even though both would address the loss of forested areas and existed older trees? The Trade Council examined a serious problem and recommended a responsible solution. Where is the responsibility of those who say they are saving or planting trees but take no action to accomplish their objective?


From: Larry McCormick

From an area that is thought by many as the wrong side of the tracks, we, of the Brooklyn-Curtis Bay-Fairfield area, have produced some pretty top-notch leaders.

Ashley Jenkins rose through the ranks to become the AmericanLegion's State of Maryland's commander and chief.

Kenneth England, a wounded World War II veteran who has become known to all of us asUncle Sam, is a true patriot who has been awarded the title of Veteran of the Year.

Some volunteered and some were drafted. Each went willingly to serve his country in very trying times. Many never came back.

To mention a few: Joseph Cadigan, whose body was one of the first to be returned home for its final resting place in the NationalCemetery (in Arlington, Va.).

Pvt. Dennis Dale, Charles "Leo" Hecker, Pfc. Joseph Finkarus, Pvt. Richard Johnson, Spc. 4th Class Harold Imler, Cpl. Donn Lorber, Airman 1st Class S. Mulvenna, Pvt. MichaelOrash, Pvt. John Rinehart, Cpl. Joseph Tennyson, Spec. 4th Class Joseph Turowski Jr. and George Wayson.

I'm sure you can add several names to this list.

The Brooklyn Curtis Bay Post No. 187 of the American Legion is collecting donations to finish the monument it has started at Church Street and Fairhaven Avenue. This monument will be dedicated to all veterans, especially to those who gave their lives.

Please help us honor all veterans by sending us the names of your family or any you may remember who have made the supreme sacrifice.

Contributions would be very much appreciated. Please send them to theBrooklyn Curtis Bay American Legion Post No. 187, 1527 Cherry St., Curtis Bay, Md. 21226. You may drop by or send your contribution to Zientek Hardware Store, 1000 E. Patapsco Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21225.

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