Vocational Education Study Faulted

August 07, 1991|By Joan Cadden

An open letter to Don E. Riddle Jr., author of the Administration Transition Report:

At the request of the Local Advisory Council for Vocational Education, I am writing in response to your AdministrationTransition Report.

The LAC would like to know how the information for your report was obtained. What sources did you use and who did you contact?

It is our understanding that no one from the Division of Vocational Education system of Anne Arundel County or any member of LAC was approached for any input. Stated in your report was the need to "work with theChamber of Commerce and other business groups. . . ."

We take pride in the fact that many large and small businesses are represented on our advisory council. Also included are the executive directors of the Anne Arundel Trade Council and the North County Chamber of Commerce.

Our program of Career and Vocational Education is dynamic, unique and progressive. For the past two summers, both of our Centers ofApplied Technology have been opened to middle-level students to explore a full range of career opportunities.

Numerous other school systems have visited us in an attempt to replicate our program. At the middle-school level, eighth-grade students participate in a career unit as part of social studies. The curriculum is supplemented by a career mobile unit, equipped with 15 computers, that provides students with a wide range of information about careers.

During the ninth grade, students can elect an exploration program which provides hands-on experiences in six different career areas. Please note, this is theonly ninth-grade exploratory program offered by any school system inthe state.

I would also like to mention that we were honored on several occasions for excellent programs. . . .

Again, we question the validity of your report. Although your committee was comprised ofwell- respected members with outstanding, diverse educational backgrounds, documented information and/or updates from the school system should have also been considered prior to publishing your report.

Editor's note: Joan Cadden is a Democratic delegate from Brooklyn Park. She was chairwoman of the Local Advisory Council for vocational education.

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