The last part of 'Body Parts' is kind of interesting

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August 05, 1991|By Lou Cedrone

Part of ''Body Parts'' is novel, even interesting. Unfortunately, the larger portion of the film, the first hour or so, is a bore. It plays exactly as you might expect it to play.

The film, directed by Eric Red (''The Hitcher''), presents Jeff Fahey as a criminal psychologist who loses his arm in an automobile accident, one that is staged with surprising realism.

Enter, at this point, a ''brilliant but misguided surgeon'' (that's according to the press material), who tells the shrink's wife that they are now able to transplant arms and legs, and wouldn't she like to see her husband have a new arm?

Well, sure, says the wife.

Trouble is, the arm was taken from a serial killer who was executed, and this arm can think for itself.

This is about the time the film picks up. When the new arm begins to do nasty things, Crushank (Fahey) learns that the dead man's legs and left arm have been given to others. He locates the transplant recipients, and when the three meet in a bar, ''Body Parts'' actually becomes interesting. It continues to be so as the two other men begin to do strange things or have strange things happen to them.

Once more, we may know what is going on, but there is no denying the novelty of this particular plot twist. Would that the first hour of the film were as different as the last 30 minutes.

The movie, considering that it was given to us by Paramount, home of the ''Friday the 13th'' series, is not all that gory, or are we just becoming callous to all this, after seeing so much of it? This is probably the case, because there is some dismemberment, horror business that might have appalled in years past. Today, it is so much special effects.

If ''Body Parts'' is successful, we may see a sequel. There are, after all, other parts to this body.

''Body Parts'' is a movie that brings ''The Hand'' and a few more films to mind. It isn't all that horrifying. As a piece of entertainment, it isn't all that diverting, either.

''Body Parts'' * A criminal psychologist finds himself wearing the transplanted arm of an executed multiple murderer.

CAST: Jeff Fahey, Lindsay Duncan, Brad Dourif, Kim Delaney


RATING: R (violence, sex, language)

RUNNING TIME: 88 minutes

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