Um Receives Ge Foundation $30,000 Grant

August 05, 1991

The University of Maryland has announced that the General Electric Foundation has awarded a two-year, $30,000 grant to the university's College of Business and Management to develop and implement an program that simulates international business negotiations.

As part of the program, the university said, students will adopt roles as U.S. or Latin American negotiating teams and conduct "international business transactions" using a computer-based communications system involving electronic mail and real-time teleconferencing.

The object is to help students develop cultural sensitivity, foreign language proficiency and business negotiating skills.

The program's first year will involve only College Park students but will expand in 1992 to include other schools in the University of Maryland System.

The project, called ICONS for International Communication and Negotiation Simulation, was developed by faculty in the university's Department of Government and Politics as part of a collaborative effort between the business school and the College of Arts and Humanities. It will combine the business curriculum with the study of a selected language and culture.

The business school's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) will administer the program.

For more information, contact CIBER director, Dr. Lee Preston, 301/405-2136.

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