Muldoon 1st to finish Governor's Cup

August 04, 1991|By Nancy Noyes | Nancy Noyes,Special to The Sun

ST. MARY'S CITY -- It was a classic race down the bay for this year's Yachting magazine Governor's Cup fleet, as the 270 starters on the 70-mile northern portion of the race from Annapolis to St. Mary's City found themselves competing in moderate southerly breezes which shifted gradually westward as the windspeed built to a high of 18 to 20 knots during the night and then died as the sun appeared in the morning.

First to finish, just before 3 a.m. yesterday, was Washingtonian Robert Muldoon and his team aboard his Santa Cruz 70 Donnybrook.

The gun signaling first to finish in the 32-boat PHRF B-I class, at 6:47 a.m., meant much more than just getting over the line first to Annapolis sailor Don Zinn and his family aboard their older Heritage One-Ton Goldfish. Although the crew spent much of the day worrying about whether fellow Annapolitan Larry Kumins on his Contessa 35 PollyWannaCracka? had nipped them on corrected time, the Goldfish crew's victory was secured by the narrowest margin of any other in the race -- three seconds -- and earned them the overall Governor's Cup trophy.

IMS I (7 starters): 1. Flying Colors, Robert Michel Jr., Baltimore, 5:04:51 c.t.; 2. Quintessence, Benjamin Michaelson Jr., Annapolis, 5:17:25 c.t.; 3. Delta 7, Allen Davies, Wilmington, Del., c.t.

IMS II (7 starters): 1. Privateer, David Dodge, Annapolis, 4:50:45 c.t.; 2. Crescendo, Stephen Hiltabidle, Annapolis, 5:04:33 c.t.; 3. Yellow Jacket, BFSS&W Syndicate, Annapolis, 5:13:41 c.t.

IMS III (12 starters): 1. Moonshine, Jim Schneider, Salisbury, 4:35:45 c.t.; 2. Contraire, Stephen Schaub, Eldersburg, 5:16:35 c.t.; 3. P.O.S.H., Eric Stoer, Bethesda, 5:23:04 c.t.

PHRF A-I (38 starters): 1. Tigress, Bob Waldschmitt, Solomons, 9:43:13 c.t.; 2. Chesapeake, H. Seward Lawlor, Hampton, Va., 9:49:09 c.t.; 3. Prelude, St. Mary's College, St. Mary's City, 9:51:24 c.t.; 4. Sundog, Paul Parks, Shady Side, 9:58:30 c.t.; 5. Firebrand, James Rogers, Richmond, Va., 10:03:36; and Patriot, Larry Lehner, Baltimore, 10:03:36 c.t.

PHRF A-II (24 starters): 1. Moonlighting, Thomas French, Annapolis, 9:55:49 c.t.; 2. Fin-Esse, Alan McMillan, Rosslyn, Va., 10:08:52 c.t.; 3. Bam, G. N. Smernoff, Annandale, Va., 10:27:38 c.t.; 4. Sweet Agnes, Glen Housley, Annapolis, 10:33:33 c.t.; 5.) Magic, Arthur Roberts, Lottsburg, Va., 10:35:18 c.t.

PHRF B-I (32 starters): 1. Goldfish, Donald Zinn, Annapolis, 10:04:11 c.t.; 2. PollyWannaCracka?, Lawrence Kumins, Annapolis, 10:04:14 c.t.; 3. Old Blue, John Griffith, Shady Side, 10:05:47 c.t.; 4. Fast Track, John & Karen Yeigh, Annapolis, 10:08:45 c.t.; 5. Pistol Pete, Charlie Heller, Arnold, 10:09:45 c.t.

PHRF B-II (28 starters): 1. Ovation, Henry Peacock, Rock Hall, 9:53:19 c.t.; 2. Ciao, Shep Kaplow, Owings Mills, 9:57:21 c.t.; 3. Flying Circus, Jervis Dorton, Columbia, 9:58:25 c.t.; 4. New Day, Emory Bales, Dahlgren, Va., 10:01:28 c.t.; 5. Baffled, Vance Strausburg, St. Michaels, 10:05:04 c.t.

PHRF C-I (39 starters): 1. Haiku, Willard Scott, Baltimore, 9:44:14 c.t.; 2. Restless, Eric Crawford, Easton, 9:46:46 c.t.; 3. Early Bird, R.W. Seidel, Bel Air, 9:55:49 c.t.; 4. Leeway, David Lee, Edgewater, 10:00:37 c.t.; 5. Sails Call, Richard Baucom, Davidsonville, 10:02:07 c.t.

PHRF C-II (17 starters): 1. Kristine, Jeff White, Alexandria, Va., 9:49:26 c.t.; 2. Nepenthe, Joe Botkin, [address unavailable], 10:12:48 c.t.; 3. Hot Ziggety, Ed Ziegenfuss, Towson, 10:15:55 c.t.

MORC (13 starters): 1. Skylarkn, Robert Dunning, Easton, 9:29:38 c.t.; 2. Hyder-Ally, Thomas Price, Pasadena, 9:50:25 c.t.; 3. Rude Awakening, Chuck O'Malley, Annapolis, 9:56:32 c.t.

Multihull (12 starters): 1. White Knuckles, John Martin et al., Annapolis, 10:36:43 c.t.; 2. Allez Cat, Richard Tolson, Timonium, 10:36:43 c.t.; 3. Poltergeist, Charles Brown, Baltimore, 10:58:47 c.t.

Alberg 30 (6 starters): 1. Cannonball, William Wallop, Annapolis, 14:06:12 e.t.; 2. Sundance, William Chambers, Fulton, 14:26:17 e.t.; 3. Argo, Peter Scheidt, Highland, 14:30:26 e.t.

J/30 (16 starters): 1. Valhalla, Steve Bardelman, Sherwood Forest, 12:30:37 e.t.; 2. Gunsmoke, Michael McGuirk, Bel Air, 12:31:05 e.t.; 3. Turbo Duck, Bodo Von Der Wense, Gulph Mills, Pa., 12:31:33 e.t.

Catalina 27 (19 starters): 1. Pussycat, Bruce Johnson, Bowie, 13:47:06 e.t.; 2. Cheshire Cat, Francis Wright, Annapolis, 13:51:49 e.t.; 3. Swell, Derick Lynch, Arnold, 13:57:19 e.t.

Governor's Cup South PHRF A (14 starters): 1. Slingshot, William Drinkwater, Virginia Beach, Va., 8:37:32 c.t.; 2. First Choice, Hudgins/Walker, Newport News, Va., 8:43:56 c.t.; 3. Eight Ball, Dave Huff, 8:47:09 c.t.

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