Dead Pol Is Dead Wrong

Letters to the editor

August 04, 1991

From: Harry H. Griffith Sr.


In response to Jeff Griffith's "The Dead Pol" column of July 21, which makes a feeble attempt to defend the Guv, I have this to retort.

The Guv first came to my attention in 1958 or 1959 when he was the president of the Baltimore City Council. At that time and through 1991, he was and is a Democrat, and the City Council was and has beencontrolled by the Democrats since the 1940s at least.

The city has the highest tax rate of any city or county in the state, and is slowly self-destructing under taxes and crime.

As Guv (Willie Don) isa Democrat and the state legislature is Democrat-controlled, probably since the 1930s, the state likewise has one of the highest tax rates of any of our other 49 states and is currently awash in debt. Its public employees are holding it up on their backs.

If you do not wish to remain a "Dead Pol" it would behoove you to quit being the Guv's unpaid (I assume) spokesman. It did not work for you the last election, and I see no reason why it should the next time.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Harry Griffith is unrelated to Jeff Griffith.


From: Ronald S. Fisher


Church of the Ascension


It was a pleasant surprise to be able to speak to you soquickly following the appearance of the article about our National Convention in the July 17 Carroll County Sun.

I would like to reiterate what I said to you in person, that I thought the way you wrote the article was very accurate and fair. I particularly appreciate the accuracy with which you presented my views on human sexuality and on the Baltimore Declaration.

Such sensitive issues are easily subject to misunderstanding, with the consequence of people reacting badly to that misconception.

When people live in a small town, such as Westminster, the issues of community understanding, integrity and interpersonal communication become extremely important.

You have shownyourself to be sensitive to that, and I thank you.


From: Richard N. Dixon

Delegate, D-Carroll

New Windsor

I am writing to applaud the story by Kerry O'Rourke and Adam Sachs appearing in The Carroll County Sun on July 7, 1991 ("Mining industry sues to kill bill the day it becomes law").

This was a very comprehensive article concerning the mining industry suit against a bill sponsored by Delegate Donald B. Elliot, R-Carroll, Howard, and myself (HB 499) in the 1991 General Assembly session to protect citizens living near mining activities.

The story was most comprehensive and discussed the bill's process through the Maryland General Assembly. Background information was included pertaining to the legal opinion of the attorney general and the industry's participation with the approval of amendments to the bill.

This, of course, was due to thethorough coverage of The Carroll County Sun throughout the legislative session.

Although your paper is printed twice a week, your story was the first.

Again, we are fortunate, as legislators, to have local reporters providing this kind of in-depth coverage of issues important to Carroll County citizens.


From: Robert L. Gebhart


Carroll County Career

and Technology Center


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you and your staff for allowing Greg Tasker, your staff writer, to accompany the Carroll County Career and Technology Center VICA contestants and advisers to the National Skill Olympics in Louisville, Ky., during the week of June 24 to 29.

The product of Greg's untiring effort throughout the week gave many people a new and more positive perspective about career and technology education in Carroll County.

I have received many affirmative comments from both readers and VICA participants.

It is writers such as Greg Tasker who bring our community in-depth, precise information. This makes community members more aware of the ongoing opportunities andbenefits within our educational system.

We are proud of our students

and their outstanding accomplishments and very pleased to havea dedicated writer such as Greg to work with.

Again, thank you for your cooperation.

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