There must be something of the gypsy in 2-year-old Vader...

August 04, 1991

There must be something of the gypsy in 2-year-old Vader, that Hungarian shepherd who fled the Montgomery County canine unit last weekend in pursuit of a rabbit. How else do you explain Vader's rescue after 60 hours of fruitless police searches by a psychic?

Looking into her crystal ball, or more accurately trying to make contact with the pooch's aura by touching Vader's possessions and sitting in the police car where the dog rode, the psychic led desperate police officers back to a park in Burtonsville where Vader had last been seen. She reported hearing a dog panting. Sure enough, in a mass of thorny underbrush nearby, there was Vader with his leash securely wrapped around a fallen tree. Without the psychic's help, the Hungarian shepherd might have perished there.

Let's hope that is the last rabbit Vader chases. And let's hope the dog learns English commands from his police handlers in a hurry. He had only been in this country two weeks when the call of the wild struck. Better yet, Montgomery's police handlers ought to learn how to say "heel" and "stay" in Hungarian -- which Vader does understand.


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