Baltimore's Maine line


August 04, 1991|By LAURA CHARLES

THE MAINE THING: Hiya, crablings! We're sooo glad to be back in the Big Crab after helping out our best pal renovate his new summer home in Lobster Land -- Deer Isle, Maine.

And talk about a small world! Seems this charming little island plays host to a horde of Baltimoreans each summer. Bumped into local artist (and Gilman teacher) Harvey Peterson, who's been going there for years and is finishing work on a house he's built there. (His parents, John and Fran Peterson, have been summering there for a long time, too.)

Baltimore craftsman Dave Klein and his pretty wife Anita were also in town for a visit -- Dave was taking a break from preparing his fall exhibit of handmade furniture at the Knight Gomez Gallery.

OUR EYES HOTLINE fax machine (664-5959) was loaded with nifty info of coming galas -- don't forget to send yours for the Eyes fall social calendar, which comes out Sept. 8 -- and current affairs. And wasn't it nice of that globe-trotting photographer Marty Katz to send us news of a housewife who grows lettuce out of her scalp? Busy summer, hey, Marty?

HALL OF FAMER Jim Palmer called to share the news of the recent hole in one by Orchard Inn's Richard Pachino at Woodholme Country Club's 17th hole. Not bad for a guy who's only been at the game two years. Ad man turned stand-up comic Bill McCuddy phoned from Tinseltown, where he's doing a two-week tryout as staff writer for ABC's "Into the Night" with host Brad Garrett. Bill, who's penned sketches for MPT's "Crabs," was recommended for the job by former Baltimore comic Jeff Marder, who now lives in L.A. and was in town last week shooting promos for HBO.

Marder and McCuddy will be appearing at Slapstix this Thanksgiving.

SO SORRY we missed "doing" lunch with Joan Rivers and the gang at WJZ-TV at Pier 500 last week. We hear it was great. . . . More than 300 turned out for singer-artist Lloyd Marcus and wife Mary's annual island party at their house in Glen Burnie. Vanessa Schaffer turned up, once again, in her Bahama mama attire, and we're happy to report nobody was injured in the limbo contest.

THE CROSS STREET Cheese Company's Ed Byer took time to celebrate his second decade of the business at the Baltimore Rowing Club last Saturday night with a blowout bash. Ed's only requirement for the bash? All guests had to wear white.

NATIONALLY KNOWN astrologer Margie Herskovitz will discuss mercury retrograde at 7 tonight on the "Hieronimus & Company" radio show, which is heard locally on WCBM-AM. Co-hosts Bob and Zohara Hieronimus have just published a catalog of their New Paradigm interviews, which cover such fields as science, physics, health and unexplained phenomena.

FINALLY, Christopher's night club in Timonium is spicing up summer with Baltimore's first ever homemade bikini contest, which is open to men and women. Other contests throughout the United States have included scuba gear, beer cans, Spanish moss, straws, garbage bags, flags and M&Ms. M&Ms? Preliminary contests will run Aug. 8, 15 and 22, with a cash prize of $500 each night.

The eight finalists will go to the finals in Houston Aug. 29.

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