Dividends will go up by 10% as recession ends, group says

August 04, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

As the recession ebbs, stock investors will see their dividends rise by an average of 10 percent, says PNC Investment Research Group in Philadelphia.

Of the 270 companies PNC tracks, 81 already have raised their dividends by an average of 10.5 percent during the first six months of 1991.


If you have an at-home office where you handle the administrative end of your business, the U.S. Tax Court has handed you a victory.

It recently upheld a rule that allows you to take a tax deduction for such things as depreciation, maintenance and insurance, as long as the expenses are associated with the office.

To qualify, you must use the office regularly and exclusively as either the principal place of business for any business you own, or as a place where clients come to meet with you.

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