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August 02, 1991

Unjust sentence in Tirado case

The Howard County jury's verdict -- a life sentence for Eric Tirado who mercilessly, in cold blood, shot and killed Trooper Theodore D. Wolf, a respected family man and competent law enforcement officer -- is a blot on the justice system of this nation.

Eric Tirado is not a disturbed person in need of public sympathy. He is a killer who, when the time came to face up to the blood on his hands, feigned great emotion in appealing for his life, which was not evidenced when he destroyed Trooper Wolf's life.

A law is only a law when it is enforced, and in the absence of enforcement there is no law. Unfortunately, we are rapidly becoming a lawless society, in which great sympathy and compassion is shown the criminal and not the victim.

Capital punishment was not humanity's idea for dealing with murderers; it was a law established by God who declared to Noah, the first earthy magistrate, that unless such crimes were dealt with accordingly, the land would fast become polluted (blood would touch blood).

Prison facilities have become so overcrowded (at an enormous cost to the taxpayer) that murderers and rapists are being put back on the streets to commit further crimes.

No wonder God has said, "Professing themselves to be wise they have become fools."

Stewart W. Deal

Ellicott City

The Agnew bust

After reading articles and letters about a proposed bust for Spiro T. Agnew, I feel as a Marylander that I should have a voice in where it should be placed.

As I was well-acquainted with Agnew when he was an insurance adjuster, I was amazed and disgusted when the people of Maryland elected him governor.

P.T. Barnum was right.

I was not too surprised when Nixon picked him as a running mate in 1968. Water finds its own level.

The law finally caught up with him. The one count and resignation was a plea bargain so he would not have to stand trial.

Charles O'Neill


No abortion right

I was very disturbed to read your July 24 editorial, "Abortion showdown." You made it sound as though abortion is a fundamental right of a woman when it is not. Abortion is a means of destroying a life because it is inconvenient.

Abortion is not a simple surgical procedure and should not be touted as one. It is very serious and can have very hazardous repercussions. Some women are never again able to have children and some are totally destroyed mentally because of legal abortions, not to mention those who are psychologically destroyed by this procedure.

Jean C. Bender


Tee time

Leland Synder, the banker building Oakmont Green golf course in Hampstead, should be congratulated on his perception about the lack of golfing facilities in Maryland (Money Section, July 29).

As a female golfer, I have noticed the popularity of the game increasing - and with that the ever-increasing difficulty of obtaining tee times. Weekends are the worst.

My husband, my children and I enjoy golf very much and we look forward to the expansion of golf in the Maryland area.

Janice M. Hemelt

Linthicum Heights

Military hypocrisy

I'm confused. I thought the argument was that nuclear weapons are a deterrent, and that the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S. in World War II actually saved lives.

Let me get this straight. If the U.S. has nuclear weapons, that's deterrence. If Iraq has nuclear weapons, that's a threat.

If we use nuclear weapons, like at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, American lives are saved. If Iraq uses nuclear weapons, American lives are lost.

If the U.S. invades Nicaragua through the contras to topple a legitimately elected government, it is to liberate the people. If Iraq invades Kuwait it is to rape and plunder.

I think it's getting clearer now. I'm sure glad I'm on the side of the good guys.

Yvonne Small


House beautiful

William Thompson's article "No more fixes" (July 18) lists all the money spent on restoring the governor's mansion, but he neglected to mention how beautiful it turned out.

It is demeaning for the governor to have to defend Hila Mae Snoops and himself for what they accomplished.

One has only to see the mansion to fully appreciate the magnificent job that was done to make it something that every Marylander should be proud of.

The Evening Sun and all the malcontents should let Governor Schaefer do his job. And a round of applause for Hila Mae might be just what the doctor ordered.

Bette Teich


Who's for children?

I would like to respond to the question posed to Blanche Coda in the July 29 letter, "Dictatorial," from Hollee Patterson and Valencia Spruell. The question was, "When will you start fighting for our children?"

If I were Ms. Coda, I would say that President Bush and all pro-lifers are fighting continually for our children. They are against killing by abortion, and they are trying to save these childrens' lives!

Indeed, it is the pro-choice (read that "anti-life") people who are approving the killing of our children by abortion. Do you call this "fighting for our children" or "hatred for our children." Which?

Claire O. Rhoads


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