Pantsuits striding back into style

July 31, 1991|By Chicago Tribune

Women who want to be, not one but two steps, ahead of the fashion crowd may want to turn their attention to pants and, even more specifically, to pantsuits. "It's the quiet trend, the sleeper of the season," says Kal Ruttenstein, senior vice president of fashion direction for Bloomingdale's, of the return of both a look and a word that haven't been terribly au courant for years.

Pants have not been in absentia, of course, but in recent seasons they've relinquished the fashion spotlight to short skirts, leggings and pants so narrow they almost resemble tights.

What's new now is the matched jacket and trousers; what's newer is wearing the suit in unexpected ways juxtaposing tweed with a sheer or metallic top, for example, therefore feminizing tailored masculinity with a touch of sensuality.

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