Hassett In Australia

Health Notes

July 29, 1991

When Mimi Hassett, Anne Arundel Medical Center Home Health nurse, decided to travel "down under" in April, she made the trip work for herpersonnally and professionally.

She attended an international conference in Melbourne, Australia, as part of her studies for a master's degree in the new field of nursing informatics. She also took an opportunity to explore New Zealand for a week.

Nursing informatics is the study of computers in the practice of nursing. The computer has become the tool to store, manipulate and retrieve information.

Hassett is now helping to organize the next international conference in Texas in 1994.


Renewal and Recovery Center of Annapolis Inc., an outpatient detoxification center for patients who are in acute distress from alcoholism oraddiction, has recently opened at 2525 Riva Road in Annapolis.

The center is under the supervision of Laurie J. Poss, a family physician whose practice is located in Crofton. The program provides a safe withdrawal from addictive drugs through comprehensive screening, psychosocial assessment and indicvidualized treatment programs. The educational programs are designed to help the patient understant that alcoholism/addiction is a disease and that pesonal responsibility is imperative for recovery.

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