Survey Responses

July 28, 1991

Editor's note: The following are some of the responses to the surveyquestion which appeared in the July 7 edition of The Harford County Sun, asking readers their thoughts on the county executive's proposalfor a curbside trash recycling program. The program would involve the use of blue plastic trash bags for sorting recyclables.


From: Judith K. Yant Ogle


I like the curbside pick-up of recyclables.

However, to acquire capital for the start-up, I would immediately place surcharges on those households and businesses which do not recycle. (This would be evident by the number of unrecycled trash cans or bags at pickup; for example, a household normally would not have more than one container of unrecyclables.)

This way the recycling families would pay their normal trash bill, while the non-recycling would pay surcharges for their overuse of landfills. The number of surcharges would be high at the start of the program, but would diminish gradually. This pattern of fund availability would fit the need to finance the new cycle of collector-to-plant-to-market.

Let's hope the supply will create the entrepreneur market quickly.


From: Susan K. McComas

Bel Air

Recycling should be as noncontroversial as mom, apple pie, and the flag. Some recycling is better than no recycling. Recycling in Harford County has to start somewhere, even if it means the Rehrmann Blue Bag.

As a Harford County resident and a Republican, I am disappointed that the County Council has become mired in bureaucracy and politics with such a responsible individual and community value like recycling. Rehrmann's plan may not be perfection, but the initial pursuit of perfection is for dreamers and fools.

At this late date, Harford County cannot afford the luxury of perfection, we need to recycle now in whatever form. A blue bag is a start and should be utilized as soon aspossible. Time is of essence for Harford County.


From: Elizabeth A. Dvorak

Bel Air

I am 100 percent infavor of the proposed curbside recycling program. I feel that it should be mandatory, not voluntary. It doesn't take any more effort to put recyclables in a blue bag than it does a white, green, brown or yellow bag.

Believe me, I am not a crusader or a vocal environmentalist, just a middle-aged woman who wants a clean environment for my grandchildren.

I currently haul my recyclables to Susquehannock; believe me, it's a real pain in the back. The thought of just taking it to the curb fills me with more than just a little glee.

I stronglyendorse adopting the program that the city of Pittsburgh has, as reported by Mark Guidera.

I don't mind buying the blue bags. I have to buy the white ones anyway. However, I do think it would be nice if the supermarkets would bag groceries in blue bags as well.


From: Patricia A. White

Havre de Grace

Families and volunteer groups in Havre de Grace have already demonstrated their commitment to recycling by participating in the overwhelmingly successful Meadowvale C.L.E.A.R. recycling project since April 1990.

Every third Saturday we drag bags and bags of sorted garbage to the Havre de Grace DPW yard, and with the help of the city, county and local businesses, Havre de Grace does the RIGHT thing. Meadowvale C.L.E.A.R. would be happy to be put out of business and our participantswould be tickled to have their recyclables picked up curbside.

Although the fee would be a small price to pay for uncluttered porches,garages and basements, shouldn't those who choose not to participatepay a larger fee? After all, their irresponsibility will cost the county plenty in future landfill space.

Shame on the County Council for dragging their highly political feet and not taking an immediate step in the right direction. Recycling needs to be made a conveniently available opportunity if we are to attract responsible citizens to our growing county.


From: Debbie Neal


I think it's wonderful! I moved here from Towson in Baltimore County and, other than North Harford School, there is not enough.Most of the time I take mine to Recycle Day in Baltimore County during my lunch hour as I work in Hunt Valley.

I would welcome curbside pick-up.


From: L. Cole

Bel Air

Where does the money go from the sale of the recyclables? Why do we have to pay a fee to the hauler?

Could it be that the incinerator can't accommodate Harford County because of tires, etc., being brought in from outside the county?

As it is presently set up, I am not infavor.


From: Jeanne Post

Bel Air

I'min favor of the recycling -- it is long overdue. I've had to haul papers and glass and aluminum for 10 years or better to the centers.


From: Stephen and Melinda Chase


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