Two at Frostburg get Fulbright awards

July 28, 1991

Two Frostburg State University professors are traveling to countries as diverse as their fields of study, thanks to Fulbright research and teaching grants.

In September, Dr. Ronald E. Barry, Jr., associate professor of biology, will travel to the Matopo Hills region of Zimbabwe, while Dr. MacGregor O'Brien, professor of foreign languages and literature will spend the year teaching comparative literature and translation at the Universidad Centroamericana, Managua, Nicaragua.

Dr. Barry will study two species of hyrax, a rabbit-sized rodent-like creature which is closely related to the elephant. The Matopo Hills area is also the home of 100 nesting pairs of black eagles.

As part of FSU's program with Zimbabwe, Dr. Barry will receive technical support from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management and the Natural History Musuem. Collaborating on the project will Dr. Peter Munday, a principal ornithologist and ecologist of national parks.

Just last year, Dr. Joseph Gopo, head of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe, taught at FSU as a part of that linkage agreement.

Dr. O'Brien, along with Dr. Jose Rodeiro of FSU's Department of Visual Arts, was instrumental in bringing the first exhibition of contemporary Nicaraguan art to the United States since the start of that country's civil strife of the 1980's.

The exhibit, which opened in the Roper Gallery in January, was shown in several locations, including the Organization of American States in Washington. Dr. O'Brien secured funding for the exhibition from the Inter-American Development Bank.

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