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July 24, 1991

Senators have not earned a raise

I cannot understand why the Senate leaders in both parties secretly boosted their salaries from $101,000 to $125,000 a year.

In my opinion, being a senator, with the problem of supporting two homes ` one in the home state, the other close to Washington - is very expensive. Also a senator's working day is much longer than eight hours. Having said that, however, I must say that the Senate is doing a terrible job.

President Bush is in full control of our foreign affairs; the Senate is in the background contributing nothing. Even in the gulf war, it allowed our president to make all the important decisions. Our country is in a crisis - the budget deficit is tremendous, S&L losses are huge, housing is a mess and the Senate sits on its hands not knowing what to do.

The job of senator is worthy of a raise, but our senators are no worth $125,000 a year, simply because they are not doing a good job running our country. All of them should be voted out of office in the next election.

David Chupnick


It is appalling that the U.S. Senate has voted itself a pay raise. It is also without good conscience or justification. Taxpayers whom that body represents must carry the burden of the senators' smug greed in an economy that has a huge national deficit and a trade deficit, inflation and unemployment and which must cut programs of high social significance for the most worthy causes.

Many voters who elected these greedy senators are among the unemployed or financially distressed, partly due to the failure of the Senate (and House) to pass legislation that would help the economy. Pork-barrel legislation, which did not "trim the fat" from federal budgets, and other failures in Congress hardly call for rewarding senators with a pay increase that helps weaken the economy while disadvantaged citizens are deprived.

The senators should give part or all of the pay raise back to the federal treasury or face the consequences from voters when they want to be re-elected.

Franklin Blank


No small group

Larry Carson's article on Worldbridge was good news for those interested in responsible development. However, it was not "a small group of area residents" who opposed it. Were that the case, it is highly unlikely that support for the project would have been withdrawn. Maybe now that the situation is being judged as we have seen it all along, we can proceed with a project worthy of local support and enthusiasm.

"Lowly Essex" has had enough of upper county slurs and lack of vision for our end of Baltimore County.

Deborah Brill


Right and wrong

Governor Schaefer is absolutely right to standardize all stat workers to a 40-hour work week. But he is absolutely wrong to single out that group (the 35 and a halfers) for what amounts to approximately a 12 percent pay cut. The increase in hours for them should have been accompanied by a 12 percent decrease in pay for the rest of the state workers - all the way to the top!

The governor missed a great opportunity to save some real money, and to make a whole lot more people angry with him.

Dave Reich


Corrupt practices

A hearty "well done" to H.J. Rizzo for the perceptive letter which decries the baseless, self-defeating, even moronic practice of TV producers in their all-out bashing of religion in TV programming (Forum, July 15).

Let Rizzo rest assured that such mindless procedures will be repaid with a vengeance. If they were intelligent, they would readily see themselves as described by St. Paul: "... In the last days perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves ... boasters, proud, blasphemers ... unthankful, unholy, without natural affection ... despisers of those that are good ... traitors, heady, high-minded ..."

These are indeed men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the truth. The endless, ghastly fate which awaits them, though deplorable to consider, is of their own choosing and unworthy of pity.

Samuel M. Poist


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