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July 23, 1991|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

ASSAULT: Western District -- Maurice Pates, of the 1200 block of N. Bentalou St., reported that during an argument with another man near his home Sunday afternoon he was struck with a jack handle. Police said Pates was not seriously injured. A suspect was arrested and was being held at the station pending formal charges of aggravated assault and a bail hearing before a District Court commissioner.

STABBING: Western District -- Sheila Parker, of the 1800 block of W. Lanvale St., told police she was stabbed in the left shoulder by a young boy near her home Sunday night. Police said Parker was treated for the stab wound and her attacker was being sought. Police said they had no motive for the stabbing.

BURGLARY: Western District -- Employees of Precision Three in the 1000 block of W. Baltimore St. reported that someone broke into their building during the weekend but that it was not known what property was missing. Police said entry was gained by removing a door from its hinges.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A resident of the 300 block of N. Fulton Ave. reported that someone broke into her home during the weekend and stole $26 and a diamond and emerald bracelet. Police said entry was gained through a third-floor window.

BURGLARY: Western District -- Police said two teen-agers stole property from a house in the 2200 block of Madison Ave. after asking the occupant for some water. Police said the teen-agers, a boy and girl, were allowed in the victim's home Sunday evening when they requested water in the 100-degree plus heat. Once inside, one teen stayed in the kitchen with the occupant while the other went into a room and stole a pearl ring and a purse containing credit cards, a small sum of cash and other items.

BURGLARY: Western District -- Police said the occupant of a second-floor apartment in the 1700 block of W. Fayette St. reported that a man forced the door of her apartment over the weekend and stole a diamond ring and a gold bracelet. Police said the jewelry was valued at more than $1,300. Police said the victim told police she suspects another resident of the building stole her property.

ROBBERY: Western District -- Jesse L. Krager, of the 9500 block of Westwood Drive in the Ellicott City, reported he was in the 1300 block of W. North Ave. yesterday morning when he was accosted by a woman armed with a knife who robbed him of his money, cigarettes and other personal items. Police said the property was valued at more than $40.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A resident of Baltimore County reported that someone broke into a house he owns in the 2300 block of Madison Ave. during the weekend and stole a refrigerator. Police said the appliance was valued at $200 and that entry was gained through the front door.

ASSAULT: Western District -- Damon Legins, of the first block of Bernice Ave., reported she was in the first block of Shipley St. Sunday when he was attacked by a 26-year-old woman who stabbed him in the left arm with a knife. Police said Legins refused medical treatment by an ambulance crew and that the woman, a resident of the 800 block of Lennox St., was being sought.

ASSAULT: Central District -- Police reported that during an altercation at his home yesterday, Gabriel Rich of the 2800 block of Lakeview Ave., was assaulted by another man who bit him at least twice on the back. Police said Rich was treated at an area hospital. His attacker is being sought.

RAPE: Central District -- Police today were seeking three men in the rape early Sunday of a woman on a playground in the 1900 block of Eutaw Place. The woman told police she was forced to accompany the men to the playground, where one of them threatened her with a knife before she was sexually assaulted. The woman was treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center and released.

ROBBERY: Central District -- A resident of the 1400 block of Eutaw Place, reported he was riding his bicycle near his home yesterday when he was accosted by two older youths, one armed with a knife, who forced him off the bike and stole it. Later, police arrested two suspects and were holding them at the station pending charges.

ASSAULT: Central District -- DeWarren Saunders, of the 1100 block of Wicklow Road, told police he was in the 600 block of N. Howard St. yesterday when he was assaulted by two men, one armed with a handgun. Police said one man was arrested and a handgun believed used in the assault was recovered. Police said the second man was being sought.

BURGLARY: Central District -- Employees of the Eutaw Coffee Shop in the 300 block of N. Eutaw St. reported that someone broke into their shop through the first-floor door and stole an undisclosed sum of money from the cash register.

BURGLARY: Central District -- A resident of the 200 block of W. Read St. reported that someone forced the front door of his home during the weekend and stole property valued at more than $1,000.

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