Kaline clubs golf balls, tooAl Kaline, who was a great...

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July 22, 1991

Kaline clubs golf balls, too

Al Kaline, who was a great hitter at the plate, can also hit pretty well on the golf course.

The former Detroit Tigers star shot a 79 yesterday in Cooperstown, N.Y., to win the Hall of Fame Golf Classic, a tournament featuring 13 former baseball greats.

Kaline, who was 1-under for the last six holes, beat Robin Roberts by three strokes. Defending champion Willie McCovey and Joe Morgan tied for third, an additional three shots behind.

Nice compliment

Rick Mears and his wife, Chris, were invited to the White House after his victory in the Indianapolis 500. As is custom, they were split up as dinner partners. Chris found herself sitting next to President Bush.

During dessert, the President wrote a note on the back of his place card and told Chris to give it to her husband. It said, "Rick, I had the best seat in the house. George Bush."

Pitching ethnic pride

Ramon Martinez went out to pitch in New York, but this appearance had little to do with fastballs and sliders.

The All-Star right-hander for the Los Angeles Dodgers was at City Hall on Friday to promote a new publication highlighting the accomplishments of Hispanic ballplayers.

Martinez said the 80-page magazine, Los Hispanos en las Grandes Ligas (The Hispanics in the Major Leagues) "a great thing for every Spanish baseball player. We can do the same as anybody else. We're teammates. We're just trying to do the best we can."

Publisher Ralph Paniagua Jr. said it will be updated yearly and that he was planning to publish another version concentrating on Hispanics in boxing.

The publication recounts exploits of Hispanic players, going back to 1902, when Luis Castro played for the Philadelphia Athletics.

There are about 90 Hispanic ballplayers in the major leagues today.

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