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July 21, 1991

From: Sandy Feindt


To: Katherine Dunn

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the supplement, Seniors in Stride, in The Harford County Sun July 7. I read it from cover to cover and, quite frankly, got tired just thinking about these people and their commitment to stayingin shape.

As I am approaching my 40th birthday this month, I mustadmit that I'm not in good physical shape, mainly because I've become lazy in some of my habits. I would certainly like to enjoy a long and productive life, and these people seem to have the right formula for that.

Your coverage of this event has given me the incentive tomake some changes in my lifestyle so that I might be able to keep going for many years to come.

P.S. The photograph on the back cover by Garo Lachinian was priceless.


From: Dorry Bielecki


To: Katherine Dunn

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my copy of the July 7 issue of The Harford County Sun, with a great picture of Anna and Pas Romagna taken at the Senior Sports Classic in Syracuse.

Then, to discover the supplement with such interesting and well-written reports and wonderful photos, was areal treat.

You caught the true spirit of Senior Olympics. There is no reason to give up sports as one ages unless a physical disability demands it. Fitness is important throughout one's life span, but especially in later years. It not only keeps one supple and active physically, but the mental attitude and capability of a fit senior citizen are so refreshing.

I speak from experience -- I will be 65 years old on Aug. 31, have been blessed with good health, have participated in Senior Olympics for two years, won a few golds and had a great time participating in the games.

I would like to commend you, as afine reporter, for your interest and a wonderful presentation.


From: Sheridan J. Kamberger


I am appalled at the snobbishness and ignorance of the Bel Air area parentswho so vehemently oppose the redistricting of their children to Route 40 corridor schools.

As a 1991 graduate of Edgewood High School,I can argue firsthand that I have received the best education Harford County has to offer. I have had excellent teachers who have more than adequately prepared me for college.

As a student at EHS, my SATscores averaged 1160. That's almost 200 points higher than the average Fallston High School student. May I also add that I was not even in the top 10 percent of my class.

The Catholic University of America, a highly competitive school, also seems to believe that I have been well-educated -- I have received both music and academic scholarships from this institution. I do not mean to brag, I am only trying toemphasize the fact that at EHS I received the best education I couldhave gotten anywhere -- one that could not have been beaten by Bel Air, C. Milton Wright, North Harford or even Fallston high schools.

The Board of Education proposes to build 15 new schools in six years. In six years, I may very well be living and working in Harford County. I think it is stupid and selfish to raise what may soon be my taxes just so your children can grow up in a rich, white, sheltered environment, when they can receive just as good an education, along with a more diverse atmosphere, at the Route 40 schools.


From: Benny C. Walker

President, Bel Air Independence DayCommittee Inc.

As a lifelong resident of Bel Air, I have participated in many Fourth of July celebrations over the years: as a wide-eyed child watching the parade on the old Main Street route with my parents, as a member of the Bel Air High School marching band, and as a father bringing out my own children to the day's events. This year I was given the opportunity to head the committee that manages to keep this grand Bel Air tradition alive, the Bel Air Independence Day Committee.

On behalf of the entire committee, I would like to express our appreciation for the support we received this year. With the financial assistance of service clubs, the Town of Bel Air, corporate sponsors and the Bel Air business community, the Bel Air Independence Day Committee provides the organizational framework to coordinate the various events conducted each year.

Often we tend to emphasize the financial patrons of our program, and indeed without their dollars noevent could take place. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize as well those who volunteered their time, energy and talents to our cause: Grey Shillinger, a former committee member, again provided invaluable assistance in the set-up and field arrangements; Tania Benfield, a graphics illustrator, supplied parade signs, posters and artwork; Mark Plakatoris, who assisted the vendor coordinator and theparade co-chairman; and finally the committee members themselves, whose efforts provided a day of events we can look back on with pride.

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