Bill Allows Time For Boat Decals

July 17, 1991

U.S. Representative Tom McMillen, D-4th, says boaters should have more time to purchase a Coast Guard decal required under a new federal law.

McMillen proposed a bill yesterday that gives boaters an additional two months to obtain a permit before the Coast Guard begins levying fines.

Under the law, if boaters don't have the decal display on their craft by Aug. 31, the Coast Guard can levy fines. McMillen's bill would delay the fines until Oct. 31.

"The need for this legislation isself-evident," McMillen said. The decal, which costs from $25 to $100, is unpopular among boat owners, he said, adding that he doesn't believe they have been given enough time to acquire one.

McMillen also has co-sponsored legislation that would repeal the decal requirement. He has proposed to replace the anticipated $750 million in revenue with a fee to be charged to companies that use a new government computer database to file tariffs with the Federal Maritime Commission.

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