Better Planning Needed

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July 14, 1991

From: Anne McCarty


I can't say I know where to begin to respond to your editorial, "Snobbish parents will pay the price for fighting redistricting" (The Harford County Sun, June 30).

Your sarcastic, biting remarks concerning parents that don't want their school district lines redrawn hasbeen bothering me for the past few days. I'm concerned that the way you put it into print you have made it a racial and elitist issue, when the real problem is planning by Harford County.

If you go to the zoning office, you will see they have planned for housing growth, concentrating it into certain areas. But I question the planning that's been done beyond that. The most obvious issues now are the lack of water and schools for the children.

There is one other point that should be made now. Alden H. Halsey, deputy superintendent of schools, stated in his presentation to the school board that the schools in Edgewood and Aberdeen will be filled with their own growth within a few years. Therefore, redistricting would only result in overcrowding in another district.

What the parents want is good, solid long-range planning by our county government.

I have seen by attending themeetings that the school board is at this time examining all options.They have made it clear that the public's views are needed.

Your editorial took a hard issue and brought it out as a racial and elitist issue. This is not a time to start labeling people and taking sides, but a time to work together in this county for the sake of the children.

We have excellent schools here; we just need more unless we want to put a "Bel Air -- No Vacancy" sign out on I-95.


From: Carl D. Rogers


I hope the taxpayers of Harford County will start taking more interest in the politics of this county.

Councilwoman Theresa Pierno has only had two things on heragenda since she was elected to office -- the tree bill and art teachers for the primary grades in the schools.

She got both passed, but at what cost? The tree bill we needed, but not this one. When the county executive requested that our county utilities be exempt, Pierno stated it would not meet state standards. Yet the state exempted all utilities, such as gas and electric, telephone, etc.

I would like to know where Pierno got her law degree and who appointed her to bethe county attorney? Why didn't she get a ruling from the attorney general? Why not a ruling from the county law department? Why not put an amendment to it and see if itwould pass legal muster?

Her finalstatement was she didn't want the county utilities exempted. Why would she want county taxpayers to pay out possibly another $100,000 a year now, with a cost of possibly millions in the future for damages the roots will do to our water and sewer system? Why would she not exempt this for the taxpayers? Yet she exempted eight builders the rightto build approximately 20,000 homes before they have to abide by thetree bill.

Pierno's first six months in office have added six teachers, which does little for the school system except cost the taxpayers about $250,000 per year, and a tree bill that will cost us another $100,000 per year.

During her first four years in office, this will cost us an extra $1.4 million. At this rate, I don't know how we can afford to keep her in office another 3 1/2 years.

It will be costly to us taxpayers,but for Pierno it will help her make political hay for the next election: There is the potential for a lot of donations and votes from the school system and building trades.

Our taxes are already higher than three other surrounding counties and almostthe same as the fourth. Yet we have no fire or police departments, as three of these counties do.

Wake up, Harford County taxpayers, before it is too late!

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