2 men arrested in abduction of 3 in Overlea Woman was forced to help rob bank in 8-hour ordeal

July 12, 1991|By David Simon and S. M. Khalid

Baltimore County police last night capped two days of intense investigation with the arrest of two suspects in the abduction late Monday of an Overlea woman and her daughters -- an eight-hour ordeal in which one daughter was raped and her mother forced to help rob the bank where she worked.

The arrest resulted from a joint federal-local police probe that Baltimore County police spokesman E. Jay Miller characterized as "one of the best-coordinated efforts" in his memory. Mr. Miller said law enforcement officers were aided by 150 calls from citizens who responded to appeals for tips and other information.

One caller correctly recognized an acquaintance from composite photos published in area newspapers and aired on television. Another caller was able to provide police with the tag number of a pickup truck owned by one of the suspects.

As a result, Ricky Andrew Bailey and David Wayne Hall, both 29 years old, stood before a Towson court commissioner last night. They were both denied bail and held on charges of rape, kidnapping, bank robbery and burglary.

Mr. Hall, a carpenter by trade who is married and the father of two, faced the commissioner in a red muscle shirt and jeans, chomping on some chewing gum. He appeared to closely resemble the composite drawing of the baby-faced, light-haired suspect.

Mr. Bailey appeared before the commissioner in dark slacks and socks, bare-chested, and without the beard that is in the composite sketch of a second suspect. Mr. Bailey glowered throughout the hearing and at one point threatened to spit on a TV reporter if she tried to ask him a question.

The two men are charged with a crime spree that began with the abduction of a 44-year-old bank employee and her two daughters, continued with the rape of one daughter and the burglary of the family home, then culminated in a robbery of the bank in which the older woman was forced to participate.

Both men were arrested without incident yesterday. Mr. Hall was arrested in his 1982 pickup with his wife and two small children near the intersection of Route 40 and Interstate 695, where he was stopped by county detectives and FBI agents.

Mr. Hall appeared to be driving toward his home in the 7800 block of Oakdale Avenue in Overlea at 7:15 p.m. when he apparently noticed some surveillance vehicles and continued past his house. He surrendered after being stopped a few minutes later.

Fifteen minutes earlier, Mr. Bailey had left his home in the 1900 block of Haselmere Road in Dundalk and was riding away on a bicycle when he was arrested by investigators who had been watching his house.

Agents and detectives had been posted at both sites to track the suspects in preparation for search-and-seizure raids that were to occur later in the evening. The warrants for those raids were still being prepared for a judge's signature at the time.

Nonetheless, when Mr. Bailey began to pedal away from his home, police decided to make the arrest. Likewise, the officers watching Mr. Hall's home elected to arrest him when he drove past his own address.

The 30-man task force assigned to the case was flooded with 150 tips after television stations aired the composite sketches and newspapers published the drawings in Wednesday and Thursday editions.

Investigators soon narrowed the field to about 50 tips, which they began running down one after another. One tipster had indeed successfully identified Mr. Hall from one of the sketches and he was being considered as a suspect.

But investigators knew they were on the right track yesterday when another woman called police and said she had seen a dark pickup truck parked outside the Federal Savings Bank branch in the 8000 block of Belair Road about a week before it was robbed after the bizarre kidnapping.

The woman said she noted the pickup truck because two men were inside and they appeared to be acting strangely. She wrote the tag number of the truck down but forgot about it when she didn't read of any subsequent crime.

Only after digesting news accounts of the crime spree a week later did she remember the incident and call police. They promptly matched the tag number she gave to Mr. Hall's vehicle.

Police last night also executed at least three search-and-seizure warrants on addresses linked to the two men in a search for money, weapons and other evidence linking them to the abductions and the subsequent robbery of several thousand dollars from the Federal Savings Bank branch.

The three victims' ordeal began late Monday, when two men burst into their house in Overlea, entering through an unlocked door, left open behind a locked screen door because of the warm weather.

The men confronted the 44-year-old bank employee and her 16-year-old daughter in the living room of the two-story home, then forced them at gunpoint to a second-floor bedroom, where they were tied and gagged.

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