Pointing a finger at fashionThis is one of those fashion...

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July 11, 1991|By Edited by Holly Selby | Edited by Holly Selby,New York Times News Service Zipperee do-da Knight-Ridder News ServiceLos Angeles Daily News

Pointing a finger at fashion

This is one of those fashion innovations you probably never thought of or could imagine anyone else ever thinking of: a golf glove designed with women in mind, women with long fingernails.

Called the Lady Classic, the glove has open-ended fingertips to enable those painted marvels to protrude a bit.

Saves wear and tear. It can be bought at golf shops or ordered from Pocketec, a manufacturer of golfing equipment, from (800) 669-5239.

We have seen the future, and it is zippers.

Expect zippers to appear all over when cool-weather clothes hit the stores. And even though some fashion naysayers believe that zippers don't sell, you can bet your last dollar they will be as embraced next season as color-blocked clothes were for spring. The newness of trimming plus the instant fashion "in" of the look make it a sure thing.

Donna Karan is credited with starting this trend in her spring collection, which featured zip-front blazers, scuba dresses and skirts. For fall, the Anne Klein line followed suit, offering the zip-locked look as well. (Even Anne Klein's fur collection featured gold zippers.)

As sure as the sky is blue, you can expect every manufacturer of women's apparel to slap zippers on their garments, and that might not be so bad. The fall is the perfect time for such jazzy details.

Men's fashion may move at speeds best described as glacial, but the ice age of dull trouser fashion is about to thaw, according to the National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers.

In higher fashion lines this spring, the signs of narrower trousers and gathered pant hems began to show. The narrow ski look popular in the women's market is making inroads in menswear, particularly in jeans. Flowing, wide-leg models are popular with bold fabrics, such as the fall fad, plaid.

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