50 Years Ago (week of July 6-12, 1941):* The Bell Bros...


July 10, 1991|By Diane Mullaly

50 Years Ago (week of July 6-12, 1941):

* The Bell Bros. circus stopped in Howard County this week long enough for two performances. Headlining the show was gymnast Harry Martin. The three-tent circus also featured acrobats, trapeze artists and tightrope walkers. Animal acts included trained monkeys, ponies, dogs and mules. The show set upits tents at Rock Hill Field.

* Eight Howard countians had a harrowing experience this week while on a fishing boat near Solomon's Island. Their boat was caught in the center of a waterspout. No one was seriously injured in the storm, which lasted about 15 minutes. The waterspout descended upon the 65-foot boat, ripping off running lights and blowing out windows and hatches. The women on board the craft even had the turbans blown off their heads. Once the storm subsided, the group opted to continue its fishing trip.

25 Years Ago (week of July 3-9, 1966):

* County police responded to a call this week about a disturbance in the area behind the Courthouse in Ellicott City. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the disturbance was being created by eight inmates escaping from the county jail. Three of the inmates were captured at the scene, but the other five made a successful getaway.

Sheriff's Department workers theorized that the men had sawed two bars from a jail window and then lowered themselves to the ground using a rope of bedsheets knotted together. A lock on the jail's outer door had been broken, enabling the men to reach the jail yard. They then climbed a wall to escape into the parking lot.

* A contract for the construction of the Glenwood Middle School on Route 97 was awarded this week by the Howard County Board of Education to Glen J. Cirelli Inc. Cirelli's bid of $159,000 was the lowest of the eight received by the board. Construction was to begin immediately on the school, slated to open in September 1967.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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