Sensormatic"Sensormatic Electronics (SMR, NYSE, around...


July 10, 1991|By Steve Halpern | Steve Halpern,Opinions on stocks offered by investment experts for Knight Ridder


"Sensormatic Electronics (SMR, NYSE, around $15) is acknowledged to be the top maker of high-tech anti-shoplifting devices, primarily for clothing retailers. More than 100,000 of its systems have been sold or leased. This is one of those rare companies that seems to have benefited from both the recession and the promise of an improving economy," says R.H.M. Convertible Survey of Glen Cove, N.Y.

"We recommend purchase of Sensormatic's 7 percenconvertible bonds due 2001."

Ford Motor Co.

"The economic storm over the past nine months has inflicted some damage on Ford Motor Co. (F, NYSE, around $36). The company cut its dividend for the first time since the 1981-1982 recession," says Stephen Leeb of Personal Finance, Alexandria Va.

"Profits should be boosted by aggressive marketing and a recently announced $3 billion cost-reduction program. The stock has rallied in recent weeks. The issue is still trading at only 80 percent of its book value. This 'Motown native' is a 'monster' buy."

Ivax Corp.

"Ivax (IVX, AMEX, around $27) is a unique company in the drug sector. While relatively small with 1990 worldwide operations of $142 million, the firm's research pipeline of new drugs is the envy of companies many times its size," says Ronald Nordmann of PaineWebber.

"Looking forward, we anticipate strong sales and earnings growth. We expect very sharp sales gains in 1992 and 1993. We recommend purchase by investors willing to accept a somewhat higher-than-average degree of risk."

N. Am. Biologicals

"North American Biologicals (NBIO, OTC, around $1.50) is the largest independent provider of human blood plasma elements to the health-care industry worldwide," explains Bernie Rann of The Investment Reporter, Toronto.

"Through a network of FDA-licensed donor processing facilities,

the company provides source plasma components to manufacturers of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. We look for significant appreciation from this stock over the coming year."

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