Shaved Tyson heads for Foreman

July 09, 1991|By Bob Raissman | Bob Raissman,New York Daily News

NEW YORK -- Mike Tyson's wallet might be saying go for the big bucks and fight heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield, but his head is telling him to fight George Foreman.

Team Tyson guru Don King said yesterday that Tyson shaved his head in deference to the fighting preacher.

"Mike is so into fighting Foreman he's forgotten about Holyfield," King said. "Mike has shaved his head in tribute to Foreman. This starts the promotional wheels turning. Two bald monks of the same clan, the fighting preacher against the villain, Peck's bad boy.

"Isn't bald beautiful?" King asked.

Maybe so. But the hard cold fact of the matter is that Baldy No. 1, Foreman, has not signed to fight Baldy No. 2, Tyson. King said he has been in daily contact with Foreman and is optimis

tic about inking Capt. Cheeseburger.

But the bald facts of this story, according to Holyfield promoter Dan Duva, will end up with Foreman in a rematch with the champ.

"Tyson shaved his head and King is shaving Tyson's wallet," Duva said. "King doesn't have George Foreman. George has told Don he won't fight for him. As a matter of fact, we could have a Holyfield-Foreman fight signed today."

Very interesting. But what about affairs of the wallet? Yesterday, King reiterated it will take $25 million for Tyson to step in the ring with Holyfield. He said Duva has assured him that options on Tyson aren't an issue.

"Since there are no options involved, all we are talking about is money," King said. "All we are looking for is economic equity. Let's get it on. I will do everything I can to make this

fight happen."

If Tyson gets the $25 mil, King said he will step aside and have nothing to do with the promotion. Short of that, he said he would put up $55 million -- $30 million to the champ, $25 million for the challenger -- and become co-promoter of the fight.

Duva again responded to King's proposition with two answers: No and no.

"First of all, Evander Holyfield would never sell out [accept King's $55 million offer] to fight for Don King, a man who has done everything in his power to strip Evander of the title since the day he won it," Duva said. "Secondly, what King is doing is the oldest trick in the boxing book. He's asking for a ridiculous sum of money because he doesn't want the fight; he's afraid Tyson will lose."

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