A vote for Oriole Park* In the very near future, the...

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July 09, 1991

A vote for Oriole Park

* In the very near future, the decision on the name of the new ballpark at Camden Yards will be decided and made public. The four names that seem to be the most popular are Camden Yards, Babe Ruth Stadium, Memorial Stadium and Oriole Park.

Please don't name our stadium "Camden Yards." This sounds too much like a place in New Jersey. Babe Ruth was a New York Yankee, not a Baltimore Oriole. Why should we name our stadium after one of our competitors?

We already have a Memorial Stadium (so do other cities). Naming the new park after the old one would be confusing and wouldn't allow the opportunity to establish an "Oriole Identity."

Here's one more vote for "Oriole Park!" It has such a nice ring to it, and clearly identifies what will be going on within the walls of this great new park.

The name of our new stadium will be broadcast and publicized throughout this country and the world for years to come. Somehow the words "Oriole Park" seem to project our Oriole heritage better than any other name that could be considered.

John M. Lannon

Hunt Valley

Brady needs coaching

* If Brady Anderson is such a hard worker and dedicated player, I think he should be willing to spend the offseason with Tom McCraw or Cal Ripken Sr. so he can be the superstar he was supposed to be when the Orioles got him from Boston. It's obvious that he is a great athlete with a lot of talent, it's just a matter of cultivating it.

He is always willing to sign autographs and talk with fans and is the type of player we want to stay in Baltimore. So if he can work out the problems with his swing he would be the perfect leadoff man.

Jack McCleary


Thanks to Peddicord

* Ross Peddicord's article (June 18) on the death of trainer James J. Richardson captured the "sense of family" that all of their friends at Pimlico felt. May the love and closeness that the Richardsons share help them through their loss, knowing that "Daddy" passed doing what he knew best -- horses and helping his family.

Mrs. James Kline



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