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Letters to the editor

July 07, 1991

From: Ellsworth G. Acker


I am against the shifting of the Department of Natural Resources Protection to the Department of General Services and demoting the head of the department, James Slater.

We have a knowledgeable director (James Slater), and he and his personnel have a better chance of managing the environmental concerns of the county effi

ciently by directly reporting to the commissioners.


From: Stacey Spalt

Associate director

American Heart Association


Just recently, you published a letter regarding the American Heart Association's schoolsite kits.

In it, I mentioned and thanked our volunteers for their time and effort and congratulated them on the most successful year for the Carroll County school kits.

However, I made a grave oversight when I forgot to mention one of ourkey volunteers who helps with these programs.

Tom Bowen of Sykesville has been a member of the South Carroll Branch Schoolsite Committee since its inception some two years ago.

He has been one of the AHA's most valued volunteers.

I wish to sincerely apologize for not including him in my last letter.

He is truly a wonderful volunteer and the association is glad to have him on board.


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