Reaching Finish Line A Struggle In Jamboree's Light Air


July 07, 1991|By Nancy Noyes

With 73 boats on the starting line last weekend, the Eastport Yacht Club's third annual J Jamboree was the biggest ever and counted as a success despite the early lack of cooperation from the wind gods.

Five classes, including J/35s, J/30s, J/29s, J/24s and J/22s, competed in the series, which consisted of three races sailed on Saturday and two on Sunday. And for the class winners, getting over the finish line of the first race in extremely difficult, fluky and light air before the time limit expired made all the difference.

Winner overall was Max Skelley and his team on JYD, including Matt Beck, Pete Martin, Randy Eckman and David Krebs.

"It was really fluky the first race," Skelley said as he described wind that disappeared and puffed back up briefly from new directions. "Then the wind came in at about 12 to 15 from the west for the second race, but by the third race it had died and shifted to the northwest. It was pretty much a one-tack fetch to the first mark, and then it turned into a parade. Whoever had a good start did well, and we had a pretty good start."

Skelley and his team were the second J/24 to cross the finishline, behind Annapolitan Ben Capuco and his team on Show Dog, and they aced both of the day's remaining races.

"On Sunday it was pretty windy out of the west," Skelley said. "It was really exciting. The top boats finished the first race all within a couple of boat lengths."

Skelley said that the competition reached a peak level in the fifth and final race.

"In the last race, we ground (Stewart Spettel's) Latent Defect down on the last leg with a tacking duel," he said as he described struggling to gain and hold the lead in the aggressive fleet.

"Then two J/30s tacked on us on the layline to the finishand we couldn't tack back. I guess the other end of the line was a little bit favored, and Doug (Clark, sailing Dusty Work) got ahead of us right at the finish line."

J Jamboree Regatta results

J/22 (20 starters): 1) Haven't A Clue, Pete Schellie/Tom Wohlgemuth, Annapolis, 16.5 pts. (1-4-5-6-1); 2) Redwings, Charlie Ogletree, Annapolis,29.5 pts. (DNF-2-1-1-2); 3) Sneaky Feelings, James Hayes II, Annapolis, 37 pts. (DNF-5-2-2-4); 4) Silent Harp, Andy Hughes, Annapolis, 48pts. (DNF-3-3-11-7); 5) Delerious, Todd Olds, Annapolis, 54.75 pts. (DNF-1-PMS-3-3).

J/24 (17 starters): 1) JYD, Max Skelley, Havre deGrace, 8.5 pts. (2-1-1-3-2); 2) Latent Defect, Stewart Spettel, Alexandria, Va., 12.75 pts. (3-2-4-1-3); 3) Riff Raff, Paul Borssuck, Annapolis, 32 pts. (4-12-3-8-5); 4) Freestyle, Paul Hull, Salisbury, 37 pts. (DNF-4-2-5-8); 5) Dusty Work, Doug Clark, Annapolis, 41.75 pts. (DNF-3-PMS-2-1).

J/29 (6 starters): 1) Mirage, Fred Salvesen, Edgewater, 3.75 pts. (1-1-1-1-1); 2) The Simpsons, Pat Shannahan, Oxford,19 pts. (DNF-2-2-4-4); 3) Breakaway, Joel Hamburger, Schnecksville, Pa., 19 pts. (DNF-3-3-3-3).

J/30 (23 starters): 1) Deck Works, Douglas Ensor, Brookville, 19 pts. (4-2-7-4-2); 2) No Respect, R. and B.Harrison, Chester, 27 pts. (2-13-2-7-3); 3) Turbo Duck, Bodo von derWense, Gulph Mills, Pa., 36.5 pts. (1-1-5-6-DSQ); 4) Valhalla, SteveBardelman, Sherwood Forest, 36.75 pts. (DNF-6-1-2-4); 5) Tiger, Tom Donlan, Falls Church, Va., 38.75 pts. (DNF-5-6-3-1).

J/35 (7 starters): 1) Frequent Flyer, Bill Malin, Severna Park, 10 pts. (2-2-2-2-2); 2) Hot Spit, Jim Capron, Bethesda, 11 pts. (DNF-1-1-1-1); 3) Evolution, Paul DeWolf, Seaford, Del., 21 pts. (4-5-3-5-4).


The 1991 Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race week was a memorable one for several local area sailors.

They topped out a fleet of nearly 200 boats after a five-day contest, including eight short-course races aswell as the traditional Round-the-Island race in a range of conditions dominated by bright sunshine and plenty of wind.

Top dog and winner of the overall performance trophy was Annapolitan Ron Peterson on his 10-year-old J/30 Valkyrie, with a crew including Jim Ellis, Katie Corel, Jacelyn Swenson, Rich Moreland, Ellen Thomas and Bob Wiggins. The team earned seven aces and a fourth in the series.

Also turning in an impressive performance in the J/44 one-design class was former Delaware Gov. Pete duPont on Glory, with a number of locals on board, including Greg Harrison, Jason Walker and Kim Smith. Local Doyle sailmakers Scott Allan and Dave Flynn shared tactical duties on this team (Flynn also did a rotating stint on Valkyrie), whose scores were so impressive early in the week that all they had to do to win wasshow up last Friday for the final day.

In other news from up north, Annapolitans also made out well in the 119-starter, seven-class cruising-boat Marion (Mass.) to Bermuda Race, which started June 21.

After winning his class in the storm-crossed Annapolis to Newport Race, Ned Shuman and his team on his Tartan 41 Snow White placed eighthin fleet and second in their class in the Marion-Bermuda, but had toweather another stormy Atlantic passage with winds reported up to 50to 55 knots at times in the process.

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