Conowingo Dam water level at all-time low and dropping

July 04, 1991

Boaters using the Susquehanna River at the Conowingo Dam may face tough going, as the river's flow has dropped to an all-time low for this time of year.

Philadelphia Electric Co., which operates the dam between northern Harford and Cecil counties, issued an advisory yesterday saying that the low river flow might limit boating on the creeks and marinas that serve the dam.

Water at the marinas and in thecreeks might not be deep enough for people trying to get some vessels into the river, said Bill Jones, spokesman for the electric company.

"There's no danger," he said. "It's really an inconvenience."

The electric company normally maintains the depth of the dam's pond at 106.5 feet, but the low river flow due to lack of rain has dropped the pond's depth to about 104 feet, Mr. Jones said.

While the depth is fine for boating in the middle of the pond, boats might get stuck or scrapped by rocks at the edges, he said.

In June, the average river flow at the dam was 8,000 cubic feet per second, the lowest June flow ever recorded at the 63-year-old dam, Mr. Jones said. The average June flow is 28,700 cubic fps. The current river flow at the dam is 5,200 cubic fps and is dropping daily, he said.

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