Even Late In The Season, Love Finds Delightful Firsts

From A Walk Inthe Rain To Down The Aisle

July 03, 1991|By Jennifer Keats | Jennifer Keats,Contributing writer

It wasn't exactly love at first sight.

Arthur King, 70, had to ask three times before Della Windsor, 74, would even agree to a date with him.

"I didn't know him. I don't go out with strange men," said Windsor.

The couple, who wed on March 20 at the court house in Annapolis, again exchanged vows at the O'Malley Senior Center in Odenton Wednesday morning in front of approximately 100 people.

King and Windsor, who met at the center in August, became the first people to be married there.

"This is the wedding of the century," said the Rev. Phebe Coe of Odenton.

Windsor, dressed in a sea-green silk dress, and King, clad in a navy suit, walked into the center's main entrance to an organ playing King's request, "Abide with Me."

Windsor asked that "Here Comes the Bride" not be played. "I'm already married," sheexplained.

Vows were exchanged in the large entrance room of the center before the red brick fireplace. Windsor held a white carnationbouquet given to her by her granddaughter Karen Capps.

After the couple recited "I do's," Coe explained to the couple that she chose to read from the Book of Ruth to signify the importance of "deciding to love each other, lodge together, to be together and live and die together."

It is marriage that makes deep and abiding love possible;love does not make marriage possible, added Coe. King, who has been a widower for five years, and Windsor, a widow for nine years, left their rings on during the ceremony since they were married already. "Art can't get his off (anyway)," said Coe.

"This is such a blessing," said Crownsville resident Kathryn Easley, who met Windsor on the transportation van that brings the members to the center.

The couple, who decided not to honeymoon, said they enjoy dining together the most. Other hobbies include watching television, some traveling and going to concerts. "He loves my cooking," said Windsor. "He's gained and I've gained," she added with a laugh.

Recounting their first date, Windsor smiled and said, "It was a rainy afternoon and I said let's park the car and walk down to the beach."

King said, "This is the first time I've ever walked with a woman in the rain."

"And I said there's a first time for everything," replied Windsor.

Windsorand King have the blessings of their combined seven children, 13 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

"We need each other and he's a good man, a darling," said Windsor. "We're very happy," she said. King, a retired veteran, gently teased his wife about the ceremony in March. "We went to the JP (Justice of the Peace) and I asked the guard where we go to get a marriage license," he said. "The guard asked me why I wanted to a ruin a good relationship by getting married." The couple is living in Windsor's home in Arden-on-the Severn.

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