Schaefer Appoints York, Werwie To School Board

Governor Follows Convention's Recommendation

July 03, 1991|By Dianne Williams Hayes | Dianne Williams Hayes,Staff writer

Maureen Carr York was named to the county school board just a day before the panel will choose its new chairman and make final adjustments to its $341.4 million budget.

York was appointed by Gov. WilliamDonald Schaefer yesterday, along with the board's new student member, Miecha Werwie of Southern High School.

After snubbing the recommendation of the county's School Board Nominating Convention last year, Schaefer selected the 37-year-old York, the current convention's choice to succeed Patricia Huecker. Huecker served on the board for the last 10 years, representing legislativeDistrict 33.

The 16-year-old Werwie, a senior at Southern High, will replaceKenneth McGill for a one-year term. The board's student member has full voting rights.

Werwie was selected in March by student representatives but must also be appointed by the governor. Like York, she will participate in her first school board meeting today.

York, an attorney and registered nurse from Severna Park, defeated former school board member Jane Andrew, 67-35, at the nominating convention in May.

"It's been interesting, fun, rewarding and frustrating," Huecker said yesterday. "My advice is to do your homework, pay attention, try to ask all the questions you can think of. And don't just ask the person seated in front of you, but talk to five more, thenfind fivemore."

York ran on a platform of maintaining creative programs within tight budget constraints and serving as a representative for students and parents regardless of where they lived in the county. She is the mother of two daughters and wife of Dr. James York.

"It is critically important that all of our students be well-prepared to enter the 21st century," York said during her campaign. "It is equally important that there be equity and that we have the proper attitudes to have our children feeling like a success."

Members of the School BoardNominating Convention are hoping the governor's appointment of York will mean a renewed interest in the group, which suffered after its top picks were ignored by former County Executive O. James Lighthizer and Schaefer.

In an open letter, County Executive Robert R. Neall promised the group that he would work with the non-binding convention process.

"At least he made a pick from the convention," said Mary Louise Capers, convention chairwoman. "I feel our efforts were fruitful this year. Neall did keep his promise.

"She was agood choice. She seemed to have an interest in students and also hasan interest in the welfare of county schools and education in general."

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