Phillies give Dykstra green light

July 02, 1991|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

PHILADELPHIA -- Len Dykstra finally got his wish yesterday. He was allowed to swing a bat for the first time since he totaled his Mercedes on May 6.

Philadelphia Phillies team physician Phillip Marone flashed the green light after examining the latest X-rays of Dykstra's broken collarbone. As Marone put it, "There is further healing going on, progressive healing."

With Marone's blessing, Dykstra quickly headed for Veterans Stadium's indoor batting cage. He later said he took "30, 40 swings;" hitting coach Denis Menke put the number at "20, 25."

Whatever. The point is, the team's offensive catalyst took a step forward, at a time when half the roster seems to be living in the trainer's room. Dykstra said, "Dr. Marone said I could swing, but that if it hurts, I should stop. [The collarbone] is still sore, but right now I couldn't have asked for better results."

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