Court replacement

It's your call

July 02, 1991

Callers to SUNDIAL registered opinions yesterday both before and after President Bush nominated a replacement for Justice Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court.

Before the nomination, more than 78 percent of the callers, 119 out of 151, said Bush should not nominate a black, and 32 callers said he should. Somewhat fewer, 100 out of 152 callers, nearly 66 percent, said Bush should not name a liberal, and 52 said he should.

After Bush nominated Clarence Thomas, a black judge, 52 percent of the callers, 102 out of 196, said they were pleased that a black had been nominated, and 94 callers said they weren't pleased. More than 64 percent of the callers, 125 out of 194, said they were pleased that the president nominated a conservative, and 69 callers said they were not.

To a continuing question, 185 callers out of 348 (53 percent) said they do not have concerns about the direction the court has taken, while 163 said they have such concerns.

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