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June 30, 1991

From: Leslie Englehart


I would like to strongly protest the proposed changes in zoning for western Howard County.

I found out last night (June 11) that the Land Use Study Commission's Report on zoning is planned to be submitted on June 24. All comments must be submitted by June 14 and the report was first outlined to the public on June 5 (very quietly).

I conclude that the commission is not interested in citizen views and Iobject.

When my neighbors and I fled the congestion and crime of Montgomery and Prince George's counties, we selected western Howard County because of the three-acre zoning. In most cases (mine for certain) we became mortgage and tax poor in order to provide ourselves andour children with a more healthy and natural way of life.

Now, without notice and without allowing a reasonable amount of time for citizen input, you propose to deprive us of those benefits.

I also suggest current Howard County residents be give adequate notices of anyproposals designed to disrupt their way of life so that they may study the proposals and express their desires to those in office.

Youowe at least as much opportunity for input as you owe developers andtheir lobbyists.


From: Karen Kandra Wenzel


An open letter to Ted Mariani, chairman of the Rural Land Use Commission:

I have been a Woodbine resident for only three years, but my attraction to the area began in 1970 when I purchased a horse from a resident on Ed Warfield Road. I made almost daily trips from my parents' residence in Silver Spring out to visit this horse during the "try out" period, and I immediately fell in love with the quiet, rural landscape. I told myself, "There is where I want to live."

Since my life was very horse-oriented, my equine activities grew, and I met more people from (the) Daisy, Glenwood, and Lisbon areas.In addition, many of my close friends moved to Woodbine, for which Iwas envious, and (I) visited every chance I got.

In 1988, my husband and I found what we thought was the perfect spot to spend the rest of our lives. We built our dream barn and now live with five horsesand two dogs in the way we have always wanted to live.

I work in Rockville in a building with 8,000 people, so it's a real relief to escape to our 5-acre homesite at the end of a day. We both prefer the peacefulness and uncrowded conditions of our neighborhood, where the only noise is the hum of a tractor or birds chirping.

The last thing we want encroaching on our rural setting is cluster developments. It's an invasion of privacy and would only degrade the beautiful farming community that now exists. This is not a start-up community wherepeople only stay a couple of years and then move on. Everyone I knowintends to spend their remaining years here. If we wanted town houses and shopping malls, we'd live in Rockville or Columbia, or even Frederick.

Please don't ruin Lisbon/Woodbine. Leave it the way it is.

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