MOVING 'WIND'Editor: Alice Steinbach always writes very...


June 30, 1991


Editor: Alice Steinbach always writes very sensitive, beautiful stories. I enjoyed reading her article "The Girl Who Loved the Wind" (May 12). What a lovely story! The wind really moved!

Betty D. Edlavitch



I think Charlotte Latvala, whose essay I enjoyed (May 19 -- "Signs of Idiocy"), is on a great campaign. The theme should be continued, expanded and be the basis for a national organization.

Let's add: Signs on the ramp entrances to the JFX-I83. "Check your fuel." What are you supposed to do -- take your eyes off the road, and if low, stop, back up? You know the idiocy of this pretty quickly. . . .

Robert K. Oppenheimer



Reading your article "Less Money: A Better Life" in the May 26 Sun Magazine, I could only feel a great anger toward those people who are working as little as possible and trying to disguise laziness and lack of ambition with some high minded idealism. Who do they think is paying for the public services they use, such as roads, police and fire protection, educational facilities, and grants? Who pays for their emergency medical services because they chose not to insure themselves? Those who get out and work the 9 to 5 grind who are taxed to death and pay high insurance rates are paying for these lazy people every day. . . .

Murray Sullivan


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