Officials were too doggone fastA couple of judges were...

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June 29, 1991

Officials were too doggone fast

A couple of judges were said to have jumped the gun after a greyhound race, and Lincoln (R.I.) Greyhound Park paid out thousands of dollars on the wrong tickets. Their failure to check the photo of the finish before making the race official also cost one of the judges his job.

Richard Iannone was fired after seven years as chief judge at Lincoln and associate John Day was suspended for two weeks.

The problem, general manager Tim Leuschner said, was that Iannone and Day declared Tuesday's 10th race official with the No. 3 dog first, No. 2 second and No. 8 third. But they made their declaration before examining a photo-finish print.

That print showed clearly that the order of finish was 3-2-1, he said.

The track paid out $297 to holders of 3-2-8 trifecta tickets for "about three or four minutes" before the judges got the print and changed the official order of finish.

The track paid out more than $5,300 of the $6,900 pool to holders of 3-2-8 tickets before the correction was made.

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