Annapolis man on probation charged with drug possession

June 29, 1991

An Annapolis man whose probation period for a drug violation had less than two weeks to run was arrested last night when a state trooper found 2 ounces of suspected cocaine in a car he had stopped for speeding.

Trooper Robert A. Manson of the Annapolis barracks alleged that Antonio Priola, 44, was driving a car rented in the name of another man when he was clocked at 40 mph -- 10 over the limit -- on Manhattan Beach Road in Severna Park about 5 p.m.

Trooper Manson said he did a routine check on the driver and found a warrant on file from the state Natural Resources Police for boating violations.

When Mr. Priola was arrested, the trooper said, he searched the car and found the cocaine packaged in two "Baggies" in a suitcase on the front seat.

Mr. Priola, whose 18-month probation ran until July 10, was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and possession of two driver's licenses -- one in the name of Antonio Priola and the other for Rosario Priola, but each with his picture, Trooper Manson said.

The suspect also carried two different Social Security cards -- in each name, with different numbers -- and an immigration registration card identifying him as a resident alien from Italy, the trooper said.

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