The New Mother Goose

June 28, 1991|By The Reporter,Fond du Lac,Wis.

JUST WHEN you thought you'd heard every last damming word about American children's ignorance,along comes the news that our toddlers don't know Mother Goose.

Bette Goldstone,an education proffessor at Beaver College surveyed 150 preschoolers in suburban Philadelphia.More than a third apparently never heard " Jack Be Nimble," " Hey.Diddle Diddle," or " Little Miss Muffett." Goldstone deplores their deprivation because nursery rhymes develop children's feel for Language and prepare them to read.

Still Goldstone offers this consolation:The kids do know their fairy tales-because she says " they've all been converted to cartoons and motion pictures . . . We've made Walt Disney our storyteller." A fable for our time.

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