Couple to take the plunge at the National Aquarium

June 27, 1991

There may come a time when it's considered perfectly normal for a bride and groom to take the plunge, matrimonially speaking, in a 335,000 gallon fish tank, the way Abbe Click, 27, and John Harman, 25, plan to do tomorrow night at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

But it's probably not wise to hold your breath waiting for a trend to develop in fish-tank weddings -- at least not at the aquarium.

Granting approval for the underwater wedding, says Amy Woodworth, the aquarium's public relations coordinator, is "most likely a one-time thing" and "our way of saying thank you" to Ms. Click and Mr. Harman, both volunteer divers. "They have each given a lot of time and energy to the aquarium," she says of the couple who met two years ago at the aquarium.

"Everybody who knew how we met thought it was such a love story," says underwater-bride-to-be Abbe Click, "and we just thought wouldn't it be neat to get married in the fish tank." She plans to wear traditional white to take the plunge: white wet suit, white fins, white mask and a white veil strung with sequins and fishing weights to keep it from floating to the water's surface. Her bridal bouquet? Lettuce and broccoli.

The groom, best man and minister -- also volunteer divers -- will wear black; the maid of honor, pink.

About 250 non-finned guests are expected at the wedding, along with approximately 850 fish. No word yet on what the fish are planning to wear. Or whether these denizens of the deep plan to return the favor by showing up at the church in Frederick where Ms. Click and Mr. Harman plan to get married again on Saturday.

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