Cases Closed


June 23, 1991

Alonzo Harrison, 27, charged in

1% street stabbing; found not guilty

Edward Sheeks, 18, fatally stabbed

3' two in robbery; 30-year guilty plea

John Fields, 18, killed 15-year-old

3' over drug debt; 25-year guilty plea

Gary Washington, 28, killed brother

/# in argument; suspended sentence

Stanley Gwynn, 18, killed wrong

0$ man in drug ambush; 25-year plea

Zachary Gladden, 31, charged with

1% drug murders of 2; case dismissed

Nathaniel House, 38, fatally beat

4( man in bar fight; 5-year guilty plea

Gary Grant, 25, co-defendant to

3' Nathaniel House; 5-year guilty plea

Andre Hawkins, 17, murdered taxi

0$ driver; pleaded to life sentence

Anthony Carter, 20, co-defendant

.` to Hawkins; suspended sentence

Elenore Crabtree, 31, killed

/# lover with shotgun; 5-year plea

Shane Morrell, 21, charged with

1% argument murder; found not guilty

Edward Love, 52, charged with

1% domestic stabbing; case dismissed

Peteta Harris, 23, co-defendant

) of Love; found not guilty

Anthony Cunnigham, 25, shot man in

/# robbery; guilty at trial, life+

Robert Frazier, 36, killed 2 over

-! drugs; guilty at trial, life+

Roderick Milligan, 19, charged

0$ in 3 drug killings; 30-year plea

Sharon Ward, 22, charged with

.` drug killing; found not guilty

Dennis Wahls, 19, killed cabbie

+ in robbery; pleaded to life

Clinton Butler, 22, co-defendant

1% to Dennis Wahls; found not guilty

Gary Green, 23, charged with

/# street shooting; case dismissed

Antonio Lucas, 30, charged with

2& argument slaying; found not guilty

Robert Mason, 37, charged with

-! drug stabbing; case dismissed

Leon Miller, 23, charged with

-! drug shooting; case dismissed

Donnell Allen, 17, co-defendant

.` to Leon Miller; case dismissed

Wendell Watkins, 19, dispute

2& over drugs; guilty at trial, life+

Kenneth Paul, 18, murdered

/# unlicensed cabbie; 60-year plea

Levi Lambert, 21, accused in

/# drug shooting; found not guilty

James Baskerville, 27, fatally shot

4( girlfriend; pleaded to life sentence

Roland Cann, 17, allegedly shot

+ bystander; found not guilty

Reginald Godwin, 20, co-defendant

) to Cann, found not guilty

William Hatchett, 20, charged in

2& drug murder; killed by police fire

Shannon Dorsey, 15, shot man in

, street dispute; 20-year plea

Daniel Perry, 27, set fire that

.` killed 3 children; plea, life+

Vernon Johnson, 38, stabbed boss

.` in labor dispute; 25-year plea

Andrew Reyes; 40, killed wife and

-! nephew then committed suicide

Clarence Burke; 61, killed man

0$ in poker game fight; 1-year plea

Charles Townes, 17, shot father

, in drug dispute; 8-year plea

William Caldwell, 20, killed

2& girlfriend and child; 40-year plea

Harrison Graham, 21, killed man

2& over drugs; guilty at trial, life+

Anthony Forline, 18, shot man in

) bar argument; 5-year plea

Robert Delgiornio, 20, co-defendant

.` to Forline; suspended sentence

Wayne Hill, 30, allegedly set fire

/# that killed 2; found not guilty

Marie Walker, 24, killed brother

, in drug dispute; 7-year plea

Keith Miller, 19, allegedly beat

.` man over drugs; case dismissed

Rodney Young, 25, charged in

/# street shooting; case dismissed

Gregory Givens, 17, charged in 2

4( drug murders; guilty at trial, life+

Tony Coleman, 19, co-defendant

8, to Gregory Givens, guilty at trial, life

Percy Anderson, 22, stabbed man

/# in street dispute; 6-month plea

Derek Smith, 20, charged with

-! drug shooting; case dismissed

Duane Bond, 18, killed man in

2& fight over ice cream; 10-year plea

Jack Derry, 38, shot man in

* bar argument; 28-year plea

Preston Freeman, 31, killed man

, in drug dispute; 5-year plea

Tony Sanders, 29, co-defendant

( to Freeman; 20-year plea

Edward Kirby, 37, fatally shot

, man over drugs; 10-year plea

Clarence Somerville, 37, shot

-! man in argument; 10-year plea

Cecil Brown, 20, charged in

+ drug murder; case dismissed

Joseph Fox, 24, co-defendant

( to Brown; case dismissed

Glen Bailey, 21, co-defendant to

+ Fox and Brown; 10-year plea

Reginald Wilson, 40, stabbed man

/# in street argument; 4-year plea

Fannie Newton, 22, fatally stabbed

.` live-in boyfriend; 1-year plea

Rome Hester, 18, charged with

+ drug murder; case dismissed

Antonio Goolesby, 18, shot man;

# found guilty, life.

Brian Banks, 17, allegedly shot

-! man for pay; found not guilty

Karl Wyche, 23, stabbed man in

% robbery; 20-year plea

William Griffin, 27, shot man in

& argument; 20-year plea

Wesley Owens, 20, killed man in

0$ neighborhood fight; 15-year plea

Edith Cole, 35, shot neighbor

) in argument; 15-year plea

Westley Branch, 26, allegedly shot

0$ bartender in stickup; not guilty

Roosevelt Smith, 25, drove getaway

/# car in bar murder; 20-year plea

Crowder Haskins, 27, accomplice to

.` Smith in robbery; 30-year plea

Craig Brunson, 28, accomplice to

3' Smith and Haskins; found not guilty

Antonio Pate, 20, beat

-! man with board; 18-month plea

Ronnie Lawis, 34, shot 2, killed 1

9- in domestic fight; guilty at trial, life+

Robert Howard, 35, stabbed relative

7+ over small debt; guilty at trial, life+

Reginald Dorsey, 17, charged in 2

5) drug killings; guilty at trial, life+

Thomas Carroll, 19, co-defendant to

( Dorsey; found not guilty

Alvin Hill, 21, co-defendant to

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