From The Sun June 23-29, 1841zTC June 25: Samuel Canaby...


June 23, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun June 23-29, 1841

zTC June 25: Samuel Canaby, Esq., of Woodside, near Wilmington, Del., has a short horned Durham cow, which yields on an average 253 quarts of milk weekly -- an average of over 36 quarts a day -- yielding over 17 pounds of good butter.

June 29: The number of Christians in China is estimated at 300,000.

From The Sun June 23-29, 1891

June 28: A syndicate of American and English capitalists have just concluded negotiations for the purchase of 800 acres of land adjoining the northern city limits of Baltimore, with the view of developing it into a suburban town.

June 29: Children and canary birds vied with each other in singing of hymns of joy and praise at the Children's Day services of St. John's Madison Avenue Methodist Sunday School, which were held yesterday morning in the church, corner of Madison Avenue and Laurens Street.

From The Sun June 23-29, 1941

June 25: Sixty years ago today, on June 25, 1881, the Baltimore Stock Exchange -- then known as the Stock Board -- moved into a new $20,000 building which cost it exactly nothing.

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