Contractors Object, But Schools To Buy Bus For Training

June 19, 1991|By Staff report

School bus contractors argued unsuccessfully last week that the county school system doesn't need to buy a bus to train drivers and special education assistants.

The school board overrode the contractors' contention that the existing arrangement, in which the school system leases a bus from a local contractor at $3,200 a year, is satisfactory.

Board members voted June 13 to buy a new 64-passenger bus for $41,700, after transportation officials said they needed one with a liftgate to train special education drivers and assistants to transport students in wheelchairs. The leased bus does not have a lift gate.

The expenditure "can't be justified because (the bus) is going to sit around the lot," said Thomas M. Meachum, the contractors' attorney.

He said contractors train drivers now without charge to the school system.

Glenn Johnson, supervisor of transportation, said the new bus would give school officials a chance to provide actual experience with the lift gate in addition to verbal instructions they now give special education bus drivers and assistants.

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