Thief's Note Apologizes For Mess

June 19, 1991|By Robert Lee | Robert Lee,Staff writer

Police may have a pretty good idea who broke into the home of a Laurel woman Friday morning, thanks to the handwritten note from the thief apologizing for the mess he left behind.

"It's very strange," said Mavis G. Stinus, whose house on the 3300 block of Old Line Avenue was broken into Friday morning.

"At first I was not at all amused, I was terrified. But when I discovered he hadn't taken anything valuable and I discovered the note,then I did find it kind of amusing," she said.

The thief's missive, scratched on a note pad, reads:

"10:00 am, I am really sorry for what happen, I wil pay yoo back all I took were 3 shirts soap toothbrush socks some change got made thats why so messy. P.S. Greg Duier"

"I don't know who this guy is. I just hope he gets strep throat from my toothbrush that he stole," Stinus said, her voice raspy.

She noted that the thief neglected to list the new gym bag that she bought for her husband for Father's Day.

The thief, who entered the home through an open window, passed over the usual burglary fare in favor of toiletries and haberdashery, Stinus said.

County police saythey have no criminal records for anybody named Greg Duier. Stinus said she and her husband have also checked area phone books to no avail.

"He's probably homeless, though, judging by the stuff he took,"she said.

Stinus says her home is near the Starting Gate lounge, a notorious gathering place for people down on their luck.

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