Let The Children Choose

Children, Now Grown, Step Into Their Fathers' Shoes

June 16, 1991

Dr. John C. Payne, the 54-year-old chief of anesthesiology at HowardCounty General Hospital, said his most significant recollection of his father was the freedom the elder John Payne allowed his son in choosing his future decades ago.

"He was interested in helping in anyarea or endeavor I had," Dr. Payne recalled. "I've tried to translate that to my sons."

Although Payne eventually chose a career closely allied to his father's -- his father was a general practitioner -- the elder Payne never pressed him to enter the medical field.

"I had the options of doing what I wanted," he said. "There was never any external pressure. It was not necessary that I become a physician."

Now the father of four sons -- John, 26, Christopher, 24, Anthony, 22, and Patrick, 16 -- the Ellicott City resident said his goal is to preserve his father's tradition.

"The choice of being a physician was my own," Payne said. "My sons have chosen differently. All are interested in law.

"It's important not to fulfill your dreams through your children."

Payne has been affiliated with HCGH since 1973.



Remembers supportive father


For County Councilman Charles Feaga, R-5, Father'sDay is an annual tradition that goes back 35 years, to the birth of his oldest child.

The Feaga family celebrates on the family farm near West Friendship with a bull roast or pig roast, with a game of horseshoes or volleyball played afterward. Feaga said that the family attempts a softball game if everybody is not too tired.

Not many leftovers should be expected with a family of seven children -- Terry, 35, Kathleen, 34, Barbie, 32, Chuck, 31, Trish, 29, Tim, 25 and Susie, 19 -- and eight grandchildren who range in age from 6 months to 8 years.

"We are grateful that all of them are healthy and strong. Itmakes you want to get out and help others who are not as fortunate,"the 54-year-old councilman said.



Celebrates with dinner and a game


Brittany Taylor Bennett, 2, has the mixed blessing of sharing her birthday with a day reserved for fathers across the nation.

But her grandfather, Daniel Bennett, 61, chief of Howard County'sgeneral engineering and architecture division, has made her birthdaythe focus of the day. He and his wife, Mary Louise, travel from their Columbia home to Waccabuc, N.Y., bearing a birthday cake decorated with Brittany's favorite Sesame Street characters.

Brittany is thedaughter of William Garrett Bennett, 29, the younger of Bennett's two sons. The older son is Dan Bennett III, 32, deputy director at the National Archives.

To say that Bennett is thrilled to be a grandparent would be a serious understatement.

"If I had known how great grandchildren would have been, I would have bypassed children," he said. "You can do no wrong. They never ask, 'Why?' "

Bennett has three grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 to 4.


CAPTION: Daniel Bennett, chief of the county's general engineering and architecture division, focuses on his granddaughter's birthday this Father's Day.

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