Another rich, boozing womanizer is Fusco's story of 'The Babe'

June 14, 1991|By New York Times

NEW YORK -- He's a famous athlete. He makes more money than anyone else in his sport. At night, he shares his bed with one to four women.

When he's not having sex with them, he guzzles beer. When he's not having sex or guzzling beer, he's puffing on cigars.

When the sex and the beer and the stogies are finished, he goes out to the ballpark and performs feats that are the stuff of legend.

Does he sound like someone you know?

The athlete? Babe Ruth. This spring his baseball legend is being re-created in and around Chicago in a film titled "The Babe," with Arthur Hiller directing, John Goodman in the title role and Kelly McGillis as Claire Merritt Hodgson, the beautiful young widow who became his second wife.

"They threw away the mold after this guy," said John Fusco, who based his screenplay on his own extensive research and is producing the film for Universal.

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