Finally, A Few Fresh Q's For You


Didn't Principal Do Grimm A Favor?

June 10, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

It's been awhile and I'm sure a lot of you guys are mad at me because our column together, the infamous "Q's without A's," has been absent.

Please forgive us, because we had postseason awards to take care of, but all the while we kept jotting down the big "Q's" you calledinto the 24-Hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

So without further ado, let's get to our batch of questions without answers, as the school year comes to a close. Any remarks or "Q's"of your own should be called into the 24-Hour Sportsline.

* Didn't controversial Northeast High principal Joe Carducci possibly do BobGrimm a favor when he decided not to renew his athletic director's contract?

Can't slaves be replaced?

Might the ouster of the popular Grimm that has led to an uproar in the Pasadena community be a blessing for his health and sanity, considering our county athletic directors are the most-used employees in our education system?

In case you aren't aware, the county public school athletic directors -- most of whom teach -- are given a 50-minute planning period each day toperform a full-time job. It is commonplace for the ADs to take the pressures of the job home nightly and on weekends.

"That's something we recognized at St. Mary's High and worked it out with Sister Phyllis (principal) and the administration to give Carmine (Blades, St. Mary's A.D.) three periods off to take care of his athletic director'sduties," said Robin Schmidt of Annapolis, who is active with the St.Mary's boosters.

The county public school Board of Education doesn't see the need to relieve the burden on their overworked athletic directors as long as they have guys like Grimm who are willing to do the job.

Broadneck's longtime A.D. Tim McMullen has had enough of the school board's insensitivity and is quitting his "head slave" job at the end of this year.

* Did the dismissal of Grimm give the previously unknown Carducci a chance to make a name for himself?

* Was Carducci sent to Northeast as principal by school superintendent Larry Lorton specifically to de-emphasize athletics?

* Are you also aware that Carducci was one of the ringleaders during the administrators' job action to drastically curtail night activities a couple years ago, and was outspoken in his opinion that high school athletics isnot that important?

Is that how one becomes a principal these days?

* Isn't it ironic that Grimm's assistant A.D., Bart Rader (alsothe Northeast head football coach), who was also fired by Carducci, received the prestigious Steve Carroll Award last week from the County Coaches Association for his contributions to high school athletics?

The Steve Carroll Award is given in honor of the late Arundel High athletic director and coach.

* On the other side of the coin, did Grimm's usual obnoxious manner cost him in dealing with Carducci? Isn't Grimm one of those guys who never thought he could be replaced and his "we've been doing it my way for 15 years" attitude a major reason that Carducci felt a change was in order?

* Since the controversy began at Northeast, everyone seems to be giving Grimm the credit for the state championships won by the baseball and softball teams. Shouldn't he also receive credit for the football team (3-7 the last two years), the girls lacrosse team (0-12 the last two years) and the boys and girls soccer teams that have been down on their fortunes thelast few years?

* If Grimm had been willing to give a little, could this whole mess have been avoided? Haven't others adjusted to new principals and doesn't the school system designate the principal, notthe A.D., to be the boss?

* While they won't admit it, isn't the main reason county athletic directors and coaches will miss retiring county coordinator of physical education Paul Rusko because he never went after anybody and was great at turning the cheek unless the media found out?

* Will you remember Rusko for his three parting contributions: leading the crusade to keep the 1.67 grade-point average for athletes instead of raising it to the 2.0 that other counties have adopted, never getting the athletic transfer rule approved and raising ticket prices from $1 to $3?

Did it come as a surprise that Rusko actively opposed a 2.0 GPA when the GPA required to play sports in this county was an embarrassing 0.66 the first 15 years of his regime?

* With Rusko and the school board lacking the guts to push for a2.0 GPA, isn't it commendable of Representative Tom McMillen, D-4th,to introduce a bill to encourage schools to adopt the 2.0 (which is a college requirement in most cases) for participants in extra-curricular activities?

* Shouldn't the coaches association present Ruskowith some sort of a sportsmanship trophy or plaque?

If Rusko getsinto selling sporting goods, as is strongly rumored, won't he make agreat salesman in that he never made any waves, even when he should have?

* On the positive side, did you know that after 20 years on the job, Rusko had his first press conferences this past year to discuss issues with the local media?

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